Thanks a lot J-Dub74 and Simon!

Hey everyone,

I just received a fantastic gift from J-Dub74 and Simon from convoy-flashlight. Check it out!

I know that J-Dub74 and Simon were probably thinking it would never arrive after MANY months of postal transit time, but here it is, and the proof is in the pudding. The box was meticulously wrapped with the actual flashlight box inside. Also included was a very cool set of hand painted postcards from China, very thoughtful touch!

Inside the flashlight box, they actually managed to surprise me, even though I have been watching the tracking number of this package for months now, and J-Dub74 even had me pick the LED tint. (I went for a 4B, which is beautiful.) But the surprise was that it was an L2 but with a clear coat! I don’t know why I assumed it would be a C8 with the clear coat. But man, this thing is a real looker, and it comes loaded with accessories such as stretchy plastic fitting adapters for 18650 batteries (this is a 1x or 2x 26650 light), a 2x extension tube, lanyard, anti-roll/cigar grip, and even some little magnets for flattop cells. I can’t wait to try it out in the dark. This might be one of the best throwers I have yet received.

Thanks SO MUCH to J-Dub74 and Simon for their thoughtfulness and generosity!


Very nice gifts indeed. Congrats

You deserve it!

Thats a sharp looking light

Nice one!

Awesome sb, thanks for posting. Now I’ve got to get one of those!

I’m so glad it finally arrived and happy to hear that customs didn’t do a number on it. :+1:

Saying “you’re welcome” just doesn’t feel right here my friend. Kinda like Daniel-san saying “You’re welcome Mr. Miyagi”…just doesn’t quite fit. :wink:

You created the bedrock for an online community unlike any the flashlight world has ever known…a community that welcomed me in taught me how much I didn’t know without being condescending and gave me the legs to open a door to the inside of the flashlight business with a true budget flashlight company that had already earned my respect. It is I and the flashlight word that owe you thanks.

I’ve been too wrapped up in life-things outside BLF to spend any time here for the last several months but I very much look forward to diving back in when things calm down a bit in my personal life. I miss being here. There are many more good things to come from my friend Simon and Convoy.

It cracks me up that you thought we were sending you a C8. :smiley:

Don’t get me wrong, the C8 is a classic and Convoy’s C8 is a great example but that just would not do in this case. For the record, this is no “clear coat” but truly clear anodizing. :sunglasses:

Only because it feels wrong not to properly respond…on behalf of Simon and I…You’re welcome.

S o that’s what steroids do to a C8 on a long voyage. Words fail when gestures like this happen. Well done guys. :beer: :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks so much to everyone for the positive replies.

I’ve actually been looking for a good thrower recently. (I heard something about one here on BLF called the “GT” or something like that, but I don’t have access to a flatbed trailer to receive the delivery… :stuck_out_tongue: ) And I was seriously considering a Convoy L2. I’m glad I waited. :slight_smile: So with an XPL Hi what sort of throw can I expect in meters?

Beautiful light; well deserved

This light makes aluminium look like a precious metal. :sunglasses:

I know right?

Well deserved and what a beautiful light. I don't know much about the L2 but if it can work on a shorter tube with one cell like your pic shows, it looks like a real winner, especially with that clear anodizing.

The reflector surface of the L2 is 2.1 times that of a Convoy C8 so the throw should be that much better. A C8 with XP-L Hi throws 120 kcd if driven hard at over 4A, I assume that a stock L2 is driven a bit lower so throw is a bit over 200 kcd?

Nice :+1:

Does anyone know where to get a beauty like that?

Looks like the first batch of upcoming “Clear/Silver” L2… Very nice looking.
(I think the “clear/silver” color first arrived with the Convoy C8 and L6, then the S2+, and now the L2).

XP-L Hi U6-4B is a nice-looking tint…

i was thinking that simon is giving you the prototype of Convoy C9.

That ‘clear coat’ finish looks very elegant…and gifted to a deserving gentleman.

On a side note, I wonder if I brush off the color anodized finish, will the ‘clear coat’ used in automobiles for that ‘wet look’ do the job?