Convoy L2/L6 modding thread

what is it good for then? :open_mouth:

I meant just this LED. Normally slicing works, but these new Cree LEDs (XP-G3, XHP50.2, XHP70.2) are different. It doesn’t have the same effect as with the older Crees.

See here: The XP-G3 and the mystery of the disappearing luminance

oh… never used a .2 before. How much increase in throw could I expect?

Anybody try a 70.2 in a l2?

Is there a driver that will fit in convoy l2 to run a xhp 70.2.

AFAIK you can just ask Lexel for a TA driver for your L6. since he is German as well, shipping will not be any problem.
The other items you are talking about will probably not give you that much more light,
Good cells are indispensable though.

28-22 20mm or 17mm Zener Mod FETDD Which ever model you have?FET Driver - 17mm

The original driver is a LD-29. Kaidomain’s LD-29S should work. 3A at 6V.
Or if you can fit it in: FastTech’s 4A driver.

XHP50.2 might be a better fit as a thrower.

I am still selling the 4. batch, about half of the ones I can build are sold

I’ve got a whole write up on how to do this in my signiture.

Lexel can get you a driver.

Simon at Convoy can get you a translucent side switch.

Liitokala are definetly good. I’ve got the blue and the newer ones are black, but they all perform about the same. I’m getting 17.3 amps at 30 seconds.

It’s too dangerous to have built in charging with series cells. Just get a fast charger. I’ve got the Xtar Sv2 rocket which can charge 2 26650 at 2 amps each. It makes for quick charging. Sometimes they are on sale. I got mine for about $19.

Keep in mind that slicing the dome always looses you lumens, but usually creates a smaller hotspot which gives more distance. I tried this on a xhp70, but didn’t like the loss of lumens. I prefer the dome on. I kept the dome on my 70.2 as well. I haven’t done any lux measurements to see what the distance is, but with such high lumens, 8,000 maybe, the range is very good. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over 900 or 1000 yards.

Keep in mind though that when your making 120 watts the light will heat up fast. I only use full power on rare occasions like testing or if I need max distance. Maybe 30 seconds at most with full cells and full power.

It also tends to burn through braided copper spring bypasses. I had to use a thicker copper wire for a bypassed tail spring.

If i try a 50.2 on this driver will it go up in smoke?

You bet-cha! :smiley: POOF! I gave up on them, I still like the old 50’s better for throw!

The 70.2 won’t, neither will the old XHP50

I been thinking about building this what do you think about it, Convoy l2 with 20mm mtnmax buck driver,xhp35hi e2,and using 4 26350’s or aspire 18350’s with spacers.It says 2.5 amp max on 12v how many lumens should that be good for?


I have several XHP35’s running the MTN.MAX and LD-2 M2 at 3amps 4-26650’s 4-26350’s 4-26500’s 4-18500’s 4-18350’s but not in my L2 anymore.

I have the Mtn.Max 3amps drivers in my Jaxman X6 (E4 1C HI) Convoy L6 (E4 1B HI) Trustfire X7 (E2 1A HI) Nitecore MH20GT (De-domed HD E2 1A) Trustfire T90-2 (E4 1B HI) Lumintop SD75 (E4 1B HI) TN42 (De-domed HD E4 3C) and a TK61 (HD E4 3C) but they are running the LD-2 M2 Linear driver at 3amps.

So 2.5amps is relatively SAFE! Good Luck with the focusing!!

does mtn have a buck driver that wil do 3 amps on 12V XHP35?

In most cases, 3A is too much for the XHP-35. Stay at 2.8 or below and you’re good.

Jeez Kawi, you must really love throwers. Do you think any of your hot rod lights could out throw the blf GT or is it going to be the extreme thrower?

Jeez with that huge reflector it should be extreme stock, but lets see what it does at 3 amps and one of these De-domed E2 or E4 HD XHP35’s in it, or at 6.5 amps with an old XPG2 or one of the DE-domed W2’s in it, should warrant the extreme title then eh or until a Bigger reflector light comes out……hmm….

LD-2 M2 Linear drivers at 3amps should work well in my GT, plenty of heat sinking in that truly Monster Light!

Been busy de-doming…… :wink:

Yep! 4S 12v 3amp

R075= 2.5 amp R068=3.0 amp 20-22mm is the smallest up to 27.5mm that I have in my lights.

E-Switch momentary too, I asked and Richard RMM made them for me!

T/A’s test showed 2.7-2.8 amps was the Max out put Lumen wise on the LED’s he tested, I don’t worry at all about the .2 over current the E2-E4’s handle it well so far. Tune it down by adding 2.5” 24awg leads, I tested 2.8amps on one of my TN42’s doing that. But since shortened them and added a de-domed E2-1A and the tint is way better than the de-domed E4-3C!


3A 2S for XHP50.2
2 Thermistor

40H(2-step) 4000K H4 90CRI

LED Reflow soldering

LD-3 17mm to 20mm


Smooth light cup


Left:XHP50.2(L2) 、Right:XPL Hi (L2)