Convoy L21B Infrared Range Test (150m - 900m)

Good video. 850nm seems to be a winner...(?)

Very nice video and impressive performance. I haven’t listened to the whole video so sorry if you covered these questions.

I don’t see the IR emitters listed for the L21B in Simon’s store. How do you get one? I guess you have to ask for a special order.

The animals seem to be moving when you shine the light on them. Do you think they react to the IR?

Isn’t it winter down there? There seem to be a lot of insects flying around, more than I expect for winter. Of course you may be in a temperate part of NZ. Are they attracted to the IR?

Currently the middle of winter. A lot of it was fog setting in and other things blowing around in the wind, the reason that footage was so jumpy is because I was out in extremely windy conditions, but it’s not easy keeping it still either when it’s calm.

I didn’t notice any change in their behavior, they’re usually very active at night. We have had a heap of lambs being killed off by pigs so they’re more alert at the moment.

I shone the 850nm at our horse and it took off, so it definitely noticed. Animals aren’t meant to see 940nm though.

I don’t hunt with IR, I just purchased the Pard to test various models for my store.

You have to make a custom order, Simon would never have thought to use IR in the L21B.