Convoy L6 question


As I understand, there are currently two versions of the Convoy L6: the XHP70 (3800 lumens max)+ OP (orange peel reflector), and the XHP70.2 (4300 lumens max) + SMO (smooth reflector)

Correct me if I’m wring, OP produces a nicer beam, while SMO allows some throw with a hot spot, spill, and likely a donut hole artifact.

My questions are:

  1. Is it beneficial to bump the lumens to 4300? As far as I know, it requires 4 times the lumens for us to see twice the brightness. Are we wasting energy producing heat in this case?

2) Is it possible, and beneficial, to replace the OP in the XHP70 with an SMO? On the other hand, is it possible, and beneficial, to replace the SMO on the XHP70.2 with an OP?

If this has been covered, please direct me to where I should read.

Hope to hear from you soon.

1) No, you’re not wasting energy. The XHP70.2 is just more efficient. That actually means less heat, more lumens at the same power level.

For max throw, just get the SMO. For a bit less throw with a better beam, get the OP reflector.

@BlueSwordM: thanks for clearing that up for me!

@KevinZA1988: that’s what I’ve been reading, although more slowly than I’d like. Thanks anyway!

The TrustFire S70S is similar but superior IMHO, because of the standby mode in the side switch.
It comes with an OP reflector, however the SMO reflector from the L6 works perfectly and gives great throw. Intestingly, the same L6 SMO does not work properly in an L6 without modification.
I prefer CW, so I reflowed a 6500K 70.2 into my S70S. Very happy with it.

Is it Thorfire or Trustfire, as I can only find a Thorfire S70S?

You are correct.
They are available on Amazon
There is a $4 coupon and I had $8 in reward points.
So it cost me $44
Well worth it, especially with the other reflector on it.

The Sofirn SP70 will give even more stock Lumens

Nice! Thanks guys! I’ll have to do some more reading.

No donut hole with the new 70.2 version