Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

Maybe someone will find my comparision usefull:
SRK XML-2 U2 / Acebam K40M / Convoy L6 (R100)


The problem is physically fitting all the parts. I’m working on a side clicky Ultrafire FX13 at the moment.

Ideally you want the switch between the batteries and the driver, but there is no room. So you have to put the switch on top of the driver and somehow route the positive power from the top of the battery around the driver to the switch then back to the driver. That’s tricky.

You might be able to find an empty spot big enough on the driver to drill a hole, then mount your spring onto an insulated pad. Solder a wire to it and run it through the hole. Then you might get lucky and have a spot on top of the driver to connect the positive wire from the switch to. If not you’ll need to run 2 wires through the driver.

Sorry it was to DB customs…but also to anyone using a FET driver for the L6.

Here’s a quick diagram.

Most lights I’ve seen that had side mounted mechanical clicky switches used custom drivers with the switch integrated and the power routed through the driver to match. I don’t know if Simon could have custom drivers designed and made for him. It would also require a design change to the flashlight head to get a switch in there. It’s a big job.

I see.

Well, I think there are only 2 main choices in 30mm fet drivers that use momentary switches. There is the Texas Avenger one that is not commonly available. You have to make it yourself or have someone make a batch of them like Lexel is doing right now. With this one you can get the Narsil ramping firmware.

The other is THIS one Richard at MTN Electronics makes. I don’t think he has Narsil available so it’s just multiple levels like a normal light.

There may have been some older drivers, but I’m too new around here to know for sure.

I found some details on DBCustoms driver. He took a 17mm DD and zener modded it then added TK’s ramping firmware. Check out his video here.

For a detailed description, go to youtube and look below the video.

Okay, I see now. So it’s either adapt the driver components like you said, or make the host longer to fit in the switch without ordering customs drivers or risking short-circuits, which is equally as impractical because then Simon would have to commission ANOTHER production line for the new design, and that takes a lot of time and dosh. :confounded:

Now I think I get why the torches with physical side-switches tend to be as simple as on/off.

Thanks Jason, slow over here these days like a one armed pirate. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, it’s not either or. It’s both. You’d need to change the flashlight shape to fit the clicky switch plus change the driver design.

It would be easier to design a new light from scratch than to mod an existing one.

On my FX13 light I’m shortening the reflector to gain 2 extra mm in the cavity below to fit an 8mm wide omten 1288 switch. I’ll then use a pushrod going out the side to activate it. It’s not gonna be waterproof, but that’s no big deal for me. I still need to figure out the wire through the driver part.

There is a risk having positive running through the switch, any failure of the switch could result in a direct short instead of merely making the light inoperable.

Ouch, that’s even worse! :person_facepalming:

Yeah, it’s a bit more risky of a design.

I know the Convoy BD06/01 have mechanical side clickies built into the driver. I don’t know much else about them.

Like I said, it’s hard! Lol

Engineering is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of Engineering, do you know why the guy that stole the train engine pled temporary insanity? He had a Loco Motive…. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my god, Dale XD

Came in today, its a beast of a light. Amazing what you get for the price. It feels like HAIII but did not see that in the specs. It is bright as hell, never seen such a big LED emitter before. XHP70 is big! You cannot beat the value you get with these lights.

MT-G2 is bigger! :smiley: (I think I’m going to put the MT-G2 in my clear ano L6, just because I have always loved the tint and style of that big emitter)

Yeah, it’s one of the best deals on a flashlight to be had, in my humble opinion. Well made, lots of output, nice beam, just overall probably the most bang for the buck you’re gonna find. A complimentary light to the 2X Shooter for throw, which cost’s nearly double but is a tremendous thrower right out of the box.

Yes Jack, I have a 9 yr old braniac. lol

I’ve personally heard very little call for making the L6 a side-switch-only light. Personally, I have no interest at all in moving in that direction. IMHO there are very few lights that have a side switch only that are well thought out or well designed. This is not fact, just my personal opinion based on my personal experience. Basically, in my experience the Q8 is so-far the only light that will make me happy with just a side switch. It works very well with the soda-can design. :+1:

My modded L6 has an FET driver with TK’s ramping firmware. As such, the side clicky fully operates the light, from off to everything between it and on. The tail switch is used as a manual cut-off to ensure the side switch doesn’t get accidentally activated. I like it this way quite a lot. When I power it on at the tail cap it blinks to let me know it’s powered. Then the side switch runs the light.

Jack Keller was just wondering if a mechanical side switch was plausible. It’s not. Lol

Momentary side switch is, though. Just look at the Eagle Eye X9. It’s side switch only. Dale and my L6 have drivers that control on and off through the side switch with rear switch being for lock out.

Speaking of Q8, I’ll have narsil in my L6 pretty soon. Then it will be just like the Q8! I bet you want that, don’t you? Lol