Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

Note: Updates will be listed at the bottom of this post.

If you’ve been following the L2 thread you’ve probably heard me mention the L2’s upcoming big brother.

There was so much feedback when the re-release of the Convoy L2 was announced that there was no way to accommodate all of our wishes in one design.

The original intent was to take input from the BLF community for the next revision of the L2. After seeing how awesome the L2 design was, it was obvious that the L2 should not be replaced, but a new light developed based on the same basic design… thus the L6 concept was born.

We took the most common requests from BLF into consideration (there were a lot!) . I held off creating a thread for the L6 until most of the details were finalized but I think we are close enough now. I don’t have a confirmed production date yet but we are getting close.

The L6 will be available as a complete light and in host form for those who want to take it further but the preliminary stock specs are impressive.

More detailed information will be added and/or adjusted as it becomes available.

Here are some preliminary details from Simon on the complete stock L6:

• Cree XHP70 emitter
• OP reflector to reduce the crosshair pattern that plagues quad-die emitters
• Reflector diameter 65.48mm
• Head diameter 72mm
• AR coated glass
• Runs on two 26650 cells
• Rear switch (on/off/lockout)
• Side switch to control mode function
• Driver output current 4.5A-5A 5A+
• Approximate lumen output 3500 ? Lots!
• Stock spring bypasses at driver and tail switch
• 4 modes plus hidden strobe
• Current controlled driver - No PWM

Meet the Convoy L6.

Here’s a nice section view to give you a better idea of the internal design.

This one looks amazing IMHO…
What do you think?

Update: 2016-04-21

The price for this beast has been set at $64.43.
Simon is again offering a 15% discount to BLF members.
The hosts are ready and waiting. A few final adjustments are being made to the driver then the L6 will hit the streets!
If all goes well it should be listed for sale in the next few weeks.
Updates will be posted here.

This is what the finished product looks like.

Look the beast in the eye:

Update: 2016-04-24
This is the best update I’ve announced in a long time! The drivers are done and man can they run!

  • The driver is putting out 5.25A! Not bad for a stock driver. :smiley: I cannot quote exact lumens but 4000 seems quite likely.
  • Simon is putting spring bypasses at the driver and at the switch! That one really impressed me. When the last time you bought a light that came stock with bypassed springs? Personally I’ve never seen it on a stock light.
  • We should see the listing in less than 1 week. The lights are being assembled now. I can’t wait to get mine!

Update: 2016-04-25

  • The only tint option available at first will be N4-1C (Cool White) but Simon is trying to get some neutral emitters.
  • The L2 tube variations do fit the L6 if desired for modding purposes.
  • Simon did a runtime test last night. The L6 in turbo ran for 80 minutes on two KeepPower 5200mAh cells at which point he describes it as very very very hot. :X This of course was indoors with no air circulation so in actual outdoor use the heat should be much more manageable.

Update: 2016-04-26

The driver setup is as follows:

  • 4 modes plus a hidden strobe.
  • Last mode memory.
  • Current controlled modes…No PWM.

Mode settings are:

  • Low – 50mA
  • Med – 200mA
  • High – 1700mA
  • Turbo – 5000mA
  • Hidden strobe – activate by a quick double tap on the side switch.

Early tests show turbo might hit a bit higher than the “official” numbers 8^)

Update: 2016-05-02

Simon has sourced some 5000K (aka Neutral) XHP70 emitters from Hong Kong.
He will be purchasing them after May Day comes to an end so yes, it looks like we will have our neutral! As soon as he confirms exactly which emitter it is I’ll post the tint and bin.

Update: 2016-05-04

It’s FINALLY here!
Here is the link to purchase the L6:

Same day edit
Received unfortunate news that the initial release does not have a DTP emitter board. Simon is working on resolving this ASAP. I will update here as soon as information is available.

Update: 2016-05-10
Simon has confirmed all new L6 orders will now have a DTP copper MCPCB. Most shipped in the last few days will as well. The neutral (5000k) emitters will be available in approximately 2 weeks soon.

Update: 2016-05-11
The 5000K emitters promised by the Cree rep are suddenly “unavailable”. More info as soon as I have any. :frowning:
All L6 lights ordered will have the DTP copper MCPCB except the first 3 shipped. One is mine and the other two know who they are.

Update: 2016-05-14
Mixed message today. The positive is I received my L6 today and I love it. The negative is that it seems the recommended 5200mAh protected cells are too long. It’s my understanding that cells over 70mm will not fit this light. That still leaves several cell options, just not the recommended cell. The Convoy store listing will be updated once this is officially confirmed. Please order cells that are no longer than 70mm for the L6.

Update: 2016-05-16
Simon should be receiving the neutral emitters tomorrow so we should see the listing very soon.
The new neutral (5000K) emitter is an XHP70 N2-3A.
Good news on the recommended battery too. Apparently the new Keeppower 5200mAh protected cells are indeed under 70mm so it was not a mistake. Simon added a note to the L6 listing to help clarify this. If that is your cell of choice just confirm with the seller that it is the new version. The older version of that cell is too long at 71.1mm. Stick to cells under 70mm.

Update: 2016-05-18
Simon does it again! :smiley: The new emitter choices are listed. Not just one additional choice but FIVE choices of XHP70 emitters from warm to cool. I understand some of these have higher output than others so do a little research before making your selection. The price now ranges from $65.09 to $70.09 depending which emitter you choose.

These are the emitter choices now available:

N2-7C (3000K)
N2-5A (4000K)
N2-3A (5000K)
N4-2A (5700K)
N4-1C (6000K)

Update 2016-06-17
Most tints are temporarily sold out in the Convoy store but Simon does have some 3A and 1C left and more are on the way.
News on the release of the L6 host coming soon.

Update 2016-06-22
The L6 host will be ready for sale around the end of the month. There will be a limited quantity of L6 smooth reflectors available for those wanting to turn the L6 into a throw monster. Links to purchase will be added when they are available.

Update 2016-07-13
I asked Neal at Banggood if he could source the recommended KP cells for the L6. He hooked us up with a deal and a special listing specifically for the new shorter KeepPower 5200mAh protected cells. The preorder price is just $11.50 per cell with free shipping. I believe this is good until July 25 when the cells arrive at their warehouse. Even when that deal ends we now have a verified source of these cells. This listing actually says “fit for Convoy L6” :THUMBS-UP:
Here is the link to purchase these cells:

  • Link removed -
    New link and better price listed below.

Update 2016-08-03
The L6 driver with side switch is now available separately for purchase in the Convoy store at a ridiculously low price.
This is the FX-30 driver with our changes to the firmware which improved mode spacing and eliminated the step-down timer.
Link to purchase the Convoy L6 version of the FX-30

Update 2016-08-31
This is the coolest update I’ve announced in a long time! :slight_smile:
The clear anodized L6 is HERE!
Note the Convoy logo is now proudly (yet subtly) displayed beneath the side switch. :THUMBS-UP:
Link to purchase:

Here she is…

Update 2016-09-03
In the spirit of continuous improvement the newest L6 will begin shipping with a few extras. At this time these extras will only be shipped with the new clear anodized L6 ordered directly from Simon’s Aliexpress site. The extras will eventually be part of the standard L6 package but right now we just don’t have enough of these extras to go around.

Clear L6 extras:
1 translucent tail switch boot
1 translucent side switch boot
2 spare O-rings
1 quality lanyard
1 spare tail switch

Update 2016-11-03
Modders rejoice!
The L6 is now available as a host. The smooth reflector is also available in the Convoy store.
The L6 host can be purchased HERE.
The L6 smooth reflector can be purchased HERE
NOTE: There are a limited amount of smooth reflectors available. At this time I believe we’re already down to less than 30 so if you want one, now is the time. If sales go well and the demand is there more will be made. The faster they sell out the more likely a second run will be so buy them up people!
Update 2016-11-03 Rev. A 8^)
Seeing how big the original L2 and L6 threads have gotten I decided it was time to create a dedicated modding thread for both lights.
Since they are “brothers-in-brilliance” and share some parts, a combined thread seemed fitting.
If you have experience to share please check it out.
If you’re looking for L2/L6 build/modding info, this should be a valuable resource.
The modding thread is Here

Update 2016-12-05
The L6 smooth reflector is available once again.
Purchase link here:
L6 SMO reflector.

Update 2017-01-24
Here is the link for the new KeepPower protected cells:
KP5200 Protected 26650
Here is the new discount code:
Note: The discount code above drops the per cell price to $10.99

L2/L6 Modding thread!
There is a thread dedicated to modding both the L2 and L6 that I should have mentioned here sooner. Please visit here.
L2/L6 modding thread!

As much as I like the concept, the two 26650s in series just isn’t enough battery to keep both current and runtime high enough.

I’ll stick to a Crelant 7G10; same reflector size, direct path shelf, but 4 18650s in series, to drive the XHP70 at 12v for lower current.
Also more compact.

Looks good, but it’s a no thanks from me. I’m sticking to physically parallel batteries for now.

Edit: probably similar battery energy, but less compact. Just my personal preference. It’s a great light though, and I’m sure it’ll prove very popular!

This is definitely my next convoy light! (well if the price isn’t too high…)
I really like that side switch, it is very nice designed.

I know that there was some feedback about making more cooling fins around the emitter shelf, but after looking at that cross section I dont really think that it is necessary. I mean, there is a lot of aluminium to transfer the heat.

@agnelucio, actually the crelant 7G10 uses 4 18650 in a 2s2p configuration. But I Get your point.

Battery indicator led (smt) mounted on the smt switch board? Great looking light, with equally great features.

Sorry, yeah, I forgot - I modded mine to 4S, but I suppose my point is having 4S capability. You know what I mean :wink:


It is really interesting how he can make entire new flashlight almost over the night but needs more than a year to design a single pressure remote switch!!!

I like this one a lot. And what really stands out for me is a reflector that’s not too big. From the other L2 thread it’s a 65mm head, please don’t make it any bigger. At 3500 lumens I expect it would light up a warehouse or large parking lot fairly well. That’s carrying a pair of high beams in your hand. That was just “crazy talk” a few years ago.

Looks too interesting to ignore, I have to admit. Sure will be watching and waiting to see the price on it… Convoy lights’ are always quite reasonable though, so I’m very tempted to say mark me down for one of the 1st one’s off the line. :slight_smile:

Oh boy 3500 lumens. Looks like the L6 will probably be my first XHP70.

My only question is about that tactical ring; is it removable?

I Like cells in series!

But, to address the XHP doughnut hole/cross I “think” that it was found that the (I don’t know what to call it) the interior diamond or maybe fluted shaped actually worked see Illumination Machines LUM 5-90 95mm x 62mm Diamond Text. Reflector the OP was sort of a close but no cigar type of concession. If you are going to go to this much trouble might as well get the reflector right!! :slight_smile:

Oh and the XHP 70 tints seem to be running cool, so a good choice of desirable tints (multiple NW for example) (not just what is cheap or left over).

Look at the X5/X6 group buy and take a look at the overwhelming demand for NW tints. In fact it seems that a choice of NW tints might pay off (it seems that folks actually have different preferences in this most desired of tint preferences).

I know that the tint thing sounds like a personal dig and that is not intended, but it does need to be said and admitted, that WAY TOO MANY manufactures seem to be chasing big lumen numbers and PUSH undesirable tints on us to suit their big marketing lumens numbers. Instead of supplying us with tints that don’t make us want to run out and swap the emitter of immediately, or not buy in the first place. A new cutting edge idea! a choice of NW tints, no other MFG is doing that (yet :wink: ).

Again not a direct accusation but it is way too common “out there” and is easily found in “new and improved” lights ALL THE TIME, so lets head that one off right up front.


At 5amps regulated (2) 26650’s is plenty, use VAPPOWER 5200’s! But what size is the Reflector?

Count me In. The Spec op’s Night Destroyer. Too Much? I don’t have any Tall lights with the batteries in series. I think it looks great.

The price on this one is going to be standard Convoy… meaning you’ll wonder how you got so much quality for so little money. I don’t want to commit to an exact price but Simon’s estimate, believe it or not is under $60. In my opinion that is a steal.

Thank you for mentioning that about the cooling fins. It came up in the L2 thread and the X6 hunter was used as the example. No doubt the X6 has good heat dissipation but I think the L6 is a much better looking light. Just my opinion of course but I really like the design. Personally I think when you go too far with cooling fins you detract from the aesthetic value but opinions vary.

Edit: Simon will also be extending the 15% BLF family discount to this to this beauty so you can take that off the top. :beer:

Sure is. :slight_smile:

Hmm, what am I missing?

The XHP-70 is, essentially, 4 XM-L2 dies on one substrate, so, at 5 Amps, each one would be getting 1.25A, right? According to everything we already know, an XM-L2 at 1.25A is good for about 550 emitter lumens, so 4 of these at that level would be good for about 2200 lumens before losses. Or maybe 1800 out the front. Wouldn’t that be about right? If so, that would be somewhat disappointing.

My Intimidator is making some 5700 lumens from the High CRI XHP-70 (supposedly 96 CRI) and I think it’s doing in the 12A range. The way this one is set up it’s kind of difficult to measure, but I’ll give it a go and see if I can get an emitter amperage reading from up top. The big Illuminations Machines LUM 5-90 works splendidly in this big light, so I can positively say the diamond pattern works beautifully with the quad die emitter.

I also know from prior experience that the XHP-70 will make a lot of heat (I had an XHP-70 in the EE X6 doing 5500 lumens, heat IS an issue!), the more heat sink mass and cooling fins the merrier. I’m wondering why there is such an air gap between the head and reflector down low, close to the emitter shelf? Couldn’t this be adjusted to allow deeper fins at the bottom, near the emitter? That would help a lot. Efficiency first, aesthetics as applicable. Being as how this is in the 3D design stage, this is where small adjustments can be easily applied and the end result would be much improved. Just sayin…

Edit: I realized an error, the 4 emitters are in 2P2S configuration, so the 6V run across a pair in series would see 2.5A each, effectively making 1000 lumens each at the emitter. Might hit that 3500 after all. My bad, all this series/parallel 8.4V step down to 6V and divided by an ounce of Vodka get’s confusing. Either way, there is gonna be some heat produced, that much I do know!

Sober or not you just can’t stop yourself 10,000 just around the corner. :smiley: :beer:

Dale buddy you’ve probably forgotten more about this flashlight stuff than I’ll ever know. As far as the lumen numbers they are just what Simon estimated. As far as the suggested design changes I can’t tell you what factors are involved but I’m certain that manufacturing cost plays a part. Might be that making the light as you suggest would cost another $10 per unit. It might be just that Simon had a different thought. He did say that the huge amount of heat generated by the XHP70 was a difficult thing to work out in the design and the components. All I have is a picture of a CAD model but that doesn’t mean Simon isn’t beyond that and into the manufacturing process already. I can ask but I think he’s pretty content with the design. Looks pretty sweet to me.

I would buy one.

Would there be much to be gained by buying the host and modifying it yourself with the stock light producing a lumen output of 3500?

The only thing that would hold me back from buying one would be if the tint were cooler than, say… 5,500Kelvin.
Perfect would be between 4,500 and 5,000K :slight_smile: