Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

I bet manufacturers have simulation software where they can play with the parameters

The hole/ cross/ dead spot will Always be there just the nature of the emitter (quad die), you can stipple the smooth reflector with Hi-Temp clear on the Jax X6, you can shave, frost, defocus, diffuse, heavy O/P reflector, it will be there, you may think you see it’s not there, but the light meter see’s it! Highest LUX on any any of the 50/70’s is always just off center. Unless you push the 4 dies together like the XHP35, it will be there! Just the nature of the beast.

The L6 looks way better than the Thorfire! I'm just waiting to see more beamshots before ordering one. Thanks for all the hard work!

I sometimes use D-C-Fix as a diffuser. Does anyone know if it will handle to heat of this light?

Can you clean it off if it doesn’t work? Try it? I don’t know, never used the stuff? You can diffuse the LED and it helps alot, just clean it well with Isopropyl Alcohol and blow it off, you should be good to go, especially in a O/P reflector!

There has been an announcement of a new Nichia that is 6V, but preliminary indications show it making much less output than some of the competition.

No information on when that one will be available to purchase.

It’s looking like it and the other 2 in the series will not have a thermal pad, only 2 contact pads like the original 119 emitter. So for overdriving and striving to reach maximum output it will prove a challenge I’m sure.

The parts do not interchange between the Convoy and the Thorfire. Convoys threads are thicker and have a different pitch. The L6 threads are nicer than the Thorfire threads in my opinion, not that the S70 threads are bad at all they just aren’t as thick and “square” as Convoy threads. The L2 and L6 parts do interchange though.

I haven’t had a chance to really test that much yet. I had it in turbo for maybe 4 minutes and it was getting a little warm but not at all hot. I’ll try to do some more tests tonight and get a few beam shots if I can.

I don’t have much experience with XHP emitters. My only two are the S70 and the L6. Comparing their beams and the cross/hole it seems reversed between the two lights.

This is my layman’s experience with the two lights in that regard:

Thorfire S70 displays a hole/cross in the hot spot at pretty much any distance except around 3 feet or less from a white wall the hole doesn’t show to my eye.

Convoy L6 doesn’t appear to have any hole/cross in the hot spot at distances beyond 3 feet from a white wall. At 6 feet or 600 feet I just see a solid circular hotspot. The only time I can see the cross/hole in the L6 beam is holding the light right next to a wall as shown in the picture I posted.

One thing that was made glaringly obvious :laughing: while testing this was how much lower the low on the L6 is compared to the S70 which even in low was bright enough to be hard on my eyes.

A proper low became a personal mission after hearing the reports that the S70s low was not low enough. I wanted to make sure the L6 did not have the same problem. Mission accomplished. :slight_smile:

The mode spacing in the L6 is spot-on IMHO.

To me it sounds like that the L6 is better focused.
Based on how a reflector throws the light every led has a dark spot close enough at the wall. That is because the light gets focused for further distances, i.e. it forms a nice hotspot at a distance.

Awesome! A nice low is always good!

I always love it when a light has massive output numbers yet will still go so low you can stare at it. 19 lumens to 5200, I just love spreads like that. (I think I have an MT-G2 that does that, not sure exactly where those numbers popped into my head from. lol) My M6 triple has a low so low you can barely tell it’s on if there’s any ambient light. And yet does that near5000 lumens blaster thing.

Always a plus when the big searchlight can also be used to read the map…

I want one. How do I get the 15% BLF discount?

Ordered :slight_smile:

Agreed. Taking this did not hurt my eyes.
I wouldn’t want to stare at it for too long of course but you get the picture. :wink:

I love the low on the L6. It’s not as low as a true moonlight mode like you see with the A6 or Bistro firmware but I didn’t really see a need for true moon on a whopper like this. Simon nailed it IMO.


I got an email from Simon saying that he should be receiving the neutral emitters tomorrow so we should see the listing very soon. The new emitter is an XHP70 N2-3A. I’ll add this to the OP and I’ll post again when I get confirmation that the new emitter is officially listed.

Look how you can see the “window pane” effect in the reflector with that really low low. The 4 leaf clover of flashlight emitters. :slight_smile:

Nice shots, thanks for taking the time to get em….

Not to be a Negative Nelly, but that doesn’t seem like such a great bin. I purchased an N4-3B from Mountain Electronics almost a year ago. I guess these better bins are hard to get a hold of for some reason.


Just to clarify, Cree data sheet specs N2 bin is 1590 lm and N4 bin is 1710 lm @ 2100 mA (6V configuration).

Neutral White tints are almost always lesser output bins than cool white, somehow it’s the nature of the beast. And being as how Neutral White was difficult for Simon to get his hands on, it’s pretty much one of those “it is what it is” kind of deals.

Thanks Dale. :slight_smile: Coming from you that’s quite a compliment. I wish I had more than my phone camera to work with but at least it allows me to post something. Anyone have a decent digital camera they want to sell me really cheap? :sunglasses:

Or why dont you just sell me the L6 really cheap, then I will make the pictures for you! :smiley:
Nah just kidding, phone camera pictures are better than none! :beer: