Convoy L6... XHP70 Beast!

Tangra, I tried to but the software totally obliterated the format. Hmmm, let me try something different.

No that didn’t work either.

I’ll try to get it to you in a PM.

Lost me a few pages back, yall’ have fun. J-Dub74 please answer my important question, when is the clear L6 coming out so I can finally buy one, Thanks :slight_smile: :beer:

Thanks for letting me know the link was dead. I contacted Banggood. The link is back up again. I think they sold out and had to order more so it’s a preorder listing again but the restock date is listed as August 8 so it’s not too long a wait. The preorder price is still $11.50 per cell. :+1: This is a promotional deal that Neal setup for us so if I’m not mistaken the price after August 8 will go back to the standard price of $14.39. I imagine a few resellers saw the price and bought up the remaining stock. Personally I haven’t seen these cells that cheap anywhere else so if you’re looking to pick these up now is the time.

Again, these are the verified new shorter 69.5mm version of the protected Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh cells.

The link is here.

I have no idea when that will happen. It could be a month or several months. I probably should have kept my mouth shut. :zipper_mouth_face:

I can tell you that clear anodizing will be tried out on smaller lights first. That is known. Aside from that, all I can tell you is that I will post more information when I have it.

I don’t want to be rude but I need to throw a disclaimer out that I’m probably going to ignore this question going forward as it’s simply wasted posting space for me to keep repeating “I don’t know”. This is nothing personal, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day anymore.

Keep an eye on the OP if you don’t have time to follow the thread. I can hardly keep up myself. :person_facepalming:

When I have verified info on new colors, features or new related listings it will definitely be posted there. :+1:

Hey All, I’m very excited about my Convoy L6 that is en route from Simon.

I’d like to build a tripod mount for it like the one I made for my Noctigon Meteor M43.

Can someone precisely measure the outer diameter of the battery tube? Thanks! :+1:

1.371” - 1.372” is the diameter from knurled hi-spot to knurled hi-spot. There are grooves between them but I didn’t measure those.

Great! That’s exactly what I needed to know.

1.371” is about 35mm, and they actually make truss clamps in this size. What luck!

I’ll report back when I get my L6 and make the tripod mount…

Thanks, BrianK! :+1:

Hi there, welcome to BLF!

Before this L6 coming out I was interested in this FandyFire - Is the FandyFire good? If I’m not mistaken the reflector diameter of the FandyFire is slightly bigger than the one in L6 right?

It was my pleasure. Thanks for the information you just passed on.

Actually I was going to post and suggest a double V-block arrangement to allow for flashlights of any diameter to be accommodated, but that’s an even better solution.

Now that is COOL! :sunglasses:
You could probably find some thin adhesive backed rubber type material to help grip and prevent the light rotating without marring the anodizing.

Thanks, J-Dub!

I plan to use a section of bicycle inner tube to protect the flashlight body like I did with my Meteor mount. It works great and provides some grip, too.

I used a 50mm (2-inch) truss clamp for the Meteor mount. They’re available with a quick release, but I couldn’t find a 35mm clamp with one.

Yes, I thought so too, so I ran with it, and ebay has them for $10.41 per with shipping. Cheap enough to have on hand, and it’ll fit the L2 also.

I wonder if skateboard tape would work or if it would be to thick? It’s adhesive backed with a sort of sandpaper finish where the contact would be with the truss clamp. I’ll know soon if it’ll work. If not I’d try a few wraps of teflon pipe sealing tape. It’s not adhesive, but it’s soft and will dig into the knurling. It’s easily removed too.

The inner tube wrap is a nice idea. Whatever you do please don’t use skateboard tape! :open_mouth:
That would be like lining the inner surfaces with ultra coarse sandpaper in order to protect your light. :zipper_mouth_face:

Edit: Perhaps I am misunderstanding the way you would be using skateboard tape?

That Fandyfire is an HD2010 with a 2 cell tube on it. :wink: Good light, or has potential, a lot of the clones can be very sub-par in quality. It was once the main light to get for a thrower mod.

Also, Sugru is an un-cured Silicone product that is an adhesive…. it could be used to line the clamp and give grip to holding the flashlight without marring the anodization. :wink:

The sandpaper would go against the clamp surfaces, the adhesive surface would be on the light. Maybe mine is old because I have to use a heat gun to activate it; without heat activation, and even with, it comes right off (I don’t use it on skateboards but on my competition handgun). It would also just be 3 or maybe 4 pads. But I like the other ideas that are being kicked around far more than mine. I think I’ll can the skateboard tape idea. :slight_smile:

The Fandyfire XHP70 has been my first XHP70 light. I ordered it from FT last November i think. I was quite impressed at the time… until i received my lux meter and found out it was not brighter than my Fandyfire UV-S5 (a decent triple XML SRK clone): about 2200 lumen.

The Thorfire S70 and the Convoy L6 are noticeably brighter - and better made.

It probably is old tape. Thinking about it brought me back to my skateboarding days and the one really nice board I built. Vision Ken Park deck with neon yellow powder-coated trucks and orange wheels. I used the clear sheets of tape so that some of that beautiful turquoise stained woodgrain would show through. I spent a good hour cutting it perfectly into the shape I wanted before putting it on the board. :student: Ahh the good old days. I was more of a BMX/Freestyle guy really with a bit of thrashing thrown in for good measure. Gleaming the Cube was cool but my bother and I wore out the VHS tape of the movie RAD. :smiley:

I use adhesive backed neoprene tape stuck to the clamps.
It is available in various widths & thicknesses so can be purchased the correct width to fit the clamp :+1:
It dosen”t mark the light, sticks well to the clamps & grips the lights well.

I purchased an adjustable tripod clamp from Banggood recently which works well with the L6. Will post the link later when not at work.