convoy m1 and m2


Just saw these two on AE convoy store:

Convoy M1 Cree XPL HI LED, DTP plate, 7135*8 biscotti, smooth reflector

Convoy M2 Cree XPL HI LED, DTP plate, 7135*8 biscotti, smooth reflector

Are this new models?

Kind regards

They appear to be, as they are in the new products section. Looks like an emitter upgrade. Lets hope for a group buy or coupon :slight_smile:

Simon added new LEDs and reflectors to old quality models. This one should throw much better that origin version.

It’s similar in concept to the Jaxman M8 throw version : XPL-HI + smooth reflector = compact sized tight hotspot thrower. The previous M1 and M2 were XM-L2 + orange peel reflector = balanced flood and throw.

is AE the only place to get these with the updated driver/firmware?

Very nice upgrade. I will getting a couple.

Ooooo…… I can get a 3000K emitter and a UI that lets me always start in low and eliminate all blinky modes. Heck ya, I need this.

they look the same……? But I am tempted

I don’t have these new XP-L HI versions, but I have both XM-L2 versions. The M2 has a smaller head than the M1, so it’s a little bit more pocketable. Otherwise, I didn’t see any major beam differences between the M1 and M2.

Swap the XP-L HI for an Osram KW CSLNM1.TG and you’ve got a super nice pocket thrower !
My Olight R20 is nearly the same dimensions and I love it with the new White King :sunglasses:

Interesting! The M1 with an HI emitter should throw pretty nicely for a pocketable model.

Hey. If you want a 15% discount use my code DIODEK, it also works with these new models of Convoy M series flashlights. More on this topic Zniżka na latarki i akcesoria Convoy dla czytelników UPDATE 09.12.2019 - Testy sprzętu komputerowego / IT

Or you could use the BLF 15% discount:


Exactly. Both codes will be good :slight_smile:

Just ordered an M1 had a $4 coupon for new users !! $18!

Also the L6 got SMO reflector option with XHP70.2 and output bumped to 4300 lumens. And L2 will get XHP50.2 led and new driver for it.

Hope M1 and M2 has better dust proof than C8+.
My S2+ has good dust seald reflector, but can not say same for C8+.

Thank you for this info!

I’ve been waiting for an L6 with a 70.2 and in clear finish :slight_smile:

I'm tempted to get either the M1 or M2 with the new emitter and the updated firmware. XM-L2 with 3 modes versions were not worth getting since 2015 IMO. Very happy to see these models make a "comeback"