Convoy M21A and M21B and L2 (LED Not Centered)

Just received these lights today and I am disappointed. On the M21B the beam is horribly off. On the M21A is moderately off. The L2 I received is slightly off. All have Osram LED’s. When I look at he LED under a magnifying glass, it looks centered but the beam not. Meaning the hot spot is not in the middle and its creating an “egg” effect.

Other than that major flaw, they are nice but the LED issue is a real deal blower.

I emailed Simon, waiting for some feedback.

I feel with you, zoulas. Here‘s my story:

Simon did not comment on this on his thread. OTOH, I did not ask him to sort my problem. Actually, I wanted to buy a bunch of more M21B and M2 lights with Osram LEDs but this incident has changed my mind. Maybe Simon can improve the correct alignment with different centering rings with a rectangular inner shape, not circular.

I bought an M21A Convoy not with the green led but sorry if this ain’t too relevant to this thread but would anyone know if there is a remote pressure switch available for this light? I’ve seen plenty listed for C8’s but not M21A. Just thought it would be a decent rifle light.

not suitable