Convoy M21A with KW CSLPM1.TG 6A driver (IMPRESSED)

You can bounce this light off the ceiling and wall all day but you will never understand the full potential until you do a real range test.

I was in a situation where I had an open city view in the Boston area. I was easily able to hit a building 10 city blocks away with the light on high. It actually went much further but it became a bit weak. 10 blocks away created a hot spot on the building approximately 20 feet in diameter. I am estimating the 10 city blocks to be about half a mile or 800 or so meters.

Its tests like this that really show how far we have come from the Eveready DD lights of the 1970’s and the Maglights of the 1990’s. You were lucky to get a 10 foot range from either of those.

I am super impressed.

I have more LEDs coming in from Simon, can’t wait to build a few lights with them. Thanks for your feedback.

Being in a rural area, we don’t have city blocks at all. Guess I’ll light up a tree :smiley:

Thrilled with mine as well. It’s an amazing performer for the size. Simon is excellent at wringing the best out of these flat white emitters in stock lights without driving them into the ether. He really seems to have Osram dialed in for the straight-out-of-the-box end user.

I was searching for the driver size in the m21a and found this thread, Zoulas. Im glad i did, of all my Convoy lights i still think this m21a with CSLPM1 and 6amp driver is my most impressive. When you consider size, weight, COST, and function, this light is hard to beat. I think i paid $22 for mine, that is insane! when you see this thing in action, it is truly impressive. I still reach for it every time i do a yard check (i live out in the woods, pretty much), and it is the only light that i have just sitting out, on the stand next to the front door. A great light, and one that i wouldn't modify and the only Convoy i own that i havent taken apart to do something to lol. If this thing had integrated charging (i'm glad it doesn't, but if it did) i would buy one for every family member as a light for their house/car.

TLDR - I couldn't agree more!

I just pulled the trigger on the M21A CULPM1 as it has a more usable beam. its about 8 dollars more expensive than the CSLPM1 version but i think its worth it since the beam is just more usable in the real world

I asked their aliexpress store about the official range as its not in the description. they replied with this.

M21A KW CSLPM1.TG 759 meters
M21A KW CULPM1.TG a little longer range

You’re going to like the M21A. My preference is still the CSLPM1 in this head size. I have an M21B in CULPM/6A, and although not a totally fair comparison, it diffuses too much at distance to make effective use of that emitter (but it’s pocket friendly!). For pure throw, M21A CSLPM1 blows it out of the water, and it offers a perfect beam/hotspot compromise between CSLNM1 and CULPM1. That being said, CULPM1 emitter in the Astrolux EA02 is an absolute throw monster…big difference with the extra depth and width of that reflector. All this is user subjective, mind you.
I’m seriously considering a go at the S16 with CSLPM1.TG and 6A 4/12 mode driver. Would love to see some beam shots of that. Probably wait a couple weeks to see if the L21B/SFT40 comes back in Simon’s lineup though.

ok, since payday just happened and you folks are the biggest peer pressure group in the world, I decided to splurge on new emitters again. I can only hope that this buying frenzy will stop at some point :smiley:

So time ago I modded a CSLPM1 to a Manta-Ray S21 with the stock 6A driver, and a CULPM! to a K08 with Simon’s 8A driver. Smaller heads than M21 A or B so less throw (ballpark relationship).

Very impressive for the money spent. The smaller HL spews just about as many lumens as its bigger brother, the HX. But the larger hotspot is very useful in many situations. And the CCT of 6500º is not aggressive at all. I’d place it more at 5700º on the high modes. On turbo (max) maybe 6000º.

As they are pocket-friendly, often taken out on my walkabouts.

funtastic just did a comparison, the culpm1 obliviously spreads more when hitting the target, unless you are using the CSLnm1 for a gun mount, i dont see the use, other than a toy really. but to each their own i guess

if you are not convinced here is another comparison of the 2 LED’s

Did you ever go for that S16 with a CSLPM1.TG? I'm looking at an S16 but with an F1 instead, anyone here have any experience with that?

I did not, sorry. L21B/SFT-40 restocked shortly after this post and I grabbed that instead. F1 would be interesting in that host, though.

Cslpm1 has the exact same die size as the culpm1 just on a 3030 form factor. It will have no difference in the beam shape, but that emitter can’t be driven as hard as the culpm1.

Yes, ut note that the actual binning could make the cslpm1 more powerful, or equally powerful.