Convoy M21E SFT40 or M21F SFT40?

You will get more throw.
M21E has bigger thermal mass and it will maintain 100% mode a little better and longer.
Both are good flashlights.

That’s overkill for my use case honestly.

I’d rather having something in between like the M21E.


I am going to order M21E with SFT40.

By the way, how does SFT40 compare to GT-FC40 and SST70 that often gets recommended here?

M21E versus M21F, based on my lights with GT-FC40 4500k & IMHO:

  1. M21E with the larger and deeper reflector has slightly smaller but brighter hotspot, and a smaller and dimmer spill. Hence it has longer throw but less of a flooder.
    Conversely M21F has larger but dimmer hotspot and a larger and brighter spill. It is more helpful in close range for example as the softer hotspot is less blinding and the flood is brighter.
  2. M21E also has more thermal mass and that makes a clear difference in sustained brightness with the GT-FC40 LED which gets hot quickly. SFT-40 seems cool and efficient; I don’t know how much of a difference it makes there.

SFT40 versus GT-FC40, based on the LED’s in different hosts (SFT40 in Sofirn IF22a and Sofirn TS32S, GT-FC40 in M21B, E, and F).
These 2 are completely different LEDs for different purposes, so one is not better than the other (you need to buy both :slight_smile: ). IMHO and based on the lights I have:
1. SFT40 is the much better thrower, really a top-class outstanding thrower. You get this LED for the throw, remarkable 600m plus in such a small and inexpensive light like Sofirn IF22a. But… the hotspot is small and the spill is essentially non-existent, limiting AREA of illumination and making the beam profile somewhat un-balanced, and this is the only thing I don’t like (YMMV very much depending on use of the light). The beam is harsh blue 6500k and CRI is about ~70. For a super-thrower like this personally I don’t care too much about CRI and just a little about beam color, looking at subjects so far away, but YMMV. My measurements here: Wurkkos TS30S + monster LED SBT90.2 = $60 4750lm 1km SUPER-Thrower. Comparison w/ TS30S Pro, Olight, Nitecore, & other monster lights. :)
2. GT-FC40 is medium throw and medium flood. Throw is not as far as SFT40, in the 300m range, but the spill/flood is much brighter and larger, for a more “balanced” beam profile than SFT40. The beam color and tint of the 4500k version are among the most, or probably THE most accurate (Ra 93, R9 76) and subjectively beautiful that you could find for a throwy LED. It looks like a cross between Nichia 219b and 519a, 2 “legendary” LED’s. The GT-FC40 is among my top 3 lights: top CRI values, balanced between throw and flood, excellent all around gift light. I posted some measurements and beamshots here if you’re interested Convoy M21B, M21E, M21F w/ GT-FC40 4500k: 3 CRI-95 324m throwers w/ Nichia-like tint -->3 home runs. Rec w/out reservation :-).

Hmm … Now I am not sure what I want :smiley:

I ordered Sofirn SP33S which supposed to be a flooder.

Sofirn HS40 for headlamp.

Now I either need a thrower (SFT40) or something in between (GT-FC40) but most say GT-FC40 is more flood than throw?

And if I want more spill than throw I should go for the smaller M21F instead of the larger M21E?

Sorry if I caused confusion; I only compared those 2 LED’s because you had asked :innocent: . IMHO, the main point is SFT40 and GT-FC40 are both excellent LEDs, but are completely different and serve different purposes. Can’t really compare them; you need to buy both to experience the advantages of each.

GT-FC40 in the hosts I mentioned, M21B, E, and F, is medium flood (as opposed to S21D - very floody), and medium throw (as opposed to IF22a - very throwy). The host and reflector of course are important and will alter the beam. In a light with deeper reflector for example, it will become more throwy with more intense and likely smaller hotspot, possibly less floody, depending on specific reflector design.

For a pocket-fit throw light, my favorite far and away is Wurkkos TS30S with SBT90.2. Bright and large hotspot, bright and large spill = balanced beam and wide area of illumination. ~1km throw, 4000 lm, and so inexpensive at $60! Search for reviews where it gets uniformly high praise. All IMHO as always and hope this helps.

It is hard to answer your question. It will depend on what you need to do with the light. Plus, what I like or value for my particular use case is undoubtedly different than yours.
I have the M21F with GT-FC40. It is a nice light. I use it for dog walking and looking for critters in the back yard 160’ X 100’ (~49 X 31 meters). I find the throw and flood of the light is quite good for those activities. I like the tint and RA very much. Unfortunately, without you trying both lights and using them the way you want to, you can’t know if my experience will match yours. I have gotten several lights that I had read reviews on and looked at beam shots, but found them not to my liking once I took them out and used them. For me the M21F with GT-FC40 is a great all around light (I kind of wish it had a lower minimum brightness though). But I have no need to see something at 300 meters.

I know it is said often around here, but really, considering the cost of these lights, maybe get one of each and see what you think. M21E with SFT40 and M21F with GT-FC40. No one can tell you what is best for what YOU need in a light.

The GT-FC40 cannot compare to the SFT40 in throw. If you want any serious throw at all, SFT40 is the way to go.

Yeah the only question is if it is going to be usable in short range too (Say as an all in one flashlight) such as 10-15 meters or is the beam too narrow for that?

For me, at that distance, the hotspot is too narrow. For instance it will only light up the front or back half of my dog. It also makes everything that is not in the hotspot hard to see due to not having much spill at all.

If you are looking for a thrower only, the SFT40 is the way to go. Otherwise for more of a general purpose light, the GT-FC40 is better IMHO…
But see my post above. Every light I have tried is a series of compromises. So what is important to you?

BTW, If you look I am sure you can find plenty of beam shots of lights with both of the emitters.

Oh, for me, a larger reflector (done right) is always better than a small one… as long as it meets your carry requirements.

I use an M21D (55mm head) quite often. It is an XHP 70.2 5K with orange peel reflector. No one would call it a thrower. But at 50 meters it lights up probably 6 meters in width with lots of light. On low it lights up my whole hallway (15 meters by 2 meters) . This is a useful light for me. Just to show you what I like…


How does SST70 compare to them?

And those XHH 70.2/3 are supposed to be flood right?

XHP70.2 and XHP70.3 ?

The XHP 70.3 is available in both domed “HD” and domeless “HI” versions. I was going to suggest something with the domeless HI version could be worth looking at. It won’t compete for ultimate distance with an SFT40 as the SFT40 has a much smaller surface area. You can however choose different colour tints and CRI’s with the XHP70.3 range.

I have an M21D (55mm head). It has an XHP 70.2 5K emitter with light orange peel. It is a beast for output. But, no one would call it a thrower.
At your 15 meters the hotspot might be 2 to 3 meters wide with more than double that in very bright spill. It will light things up just fine on max at 100 meters just due to sheer output. I often use it in my backyard to keep track of the dog. (BTW these numbers are just rough guestimates, but not far off, I think)
On the lowest level it will fill my main hall 15x2 meters with plenty of light. It is quite useful for my purposes. However, I don’t find myself in a position to need to see things further than 100 meters. If I do, I have dedicated throwers.

I don’t have any lights using the SST70. There is a thread on it HERE.

Let me add a little bit to your confusion (j/k), but I hope after this discussion thread you will be able to get a sweet conclusion. :slight_smile:

First, have you received the SP33S? How does it perform for you?

SP33S beamshots and operation, by Weerapat Kiatdumrong:

SP33S review and comparison, by Piercing the Darkness:

Now, GT-FC40 stuff
Convoy M21B GT-FC40 4500K beamshots, by Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Convoy M21B GT-FC40 4000K beamshots, by Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Next, a little bit on SFT40
Convoy M21F vs M21B, by Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Meanwhile, have a look at what SFT40 is capable of when paired with 60 mm head (Convoy L21B)

Now, in a previous thread you enquired about Sofirn C8L, so pardon me for circling back a bit here.
C8L review (vs C8G & IF22A), beamshots and drone view, by Piercing the Darkness (excellent works!!)

C8L beamshots and operation, by Weerapat Kiatdumrong

Last but not least, many many reviews posted by members here, for example:
C8L review by Argo

M21F GT-FC40 4500K review by Argo

Lest I forget, there’s (can not recommend enough of it)

Of course this is far from exhaustive, so Google, YouTube, and BLF are your friends.
Most importantly, enjoy and have fun :wink:

Thanks for the extensive research!

I haven’t received my Sofirn SP33S yet.
I just want to “build” a small collection (3) of flashlights for all purposes.
I bet the SP33S will get used the most.

But the thing is with reviews for example the one that Piercing the Darkness uploaded, the SFT40 doesn’t look that bad and has a decent spill.

But in other videos you can see different results which confuses me even more.

I think I went through all videos on youtube yet still can’t make up my mind :smiley:

What would be the closest emitter to SFT40 throw but with some spill for close/mid range? XHP70.3Hi? GT-FC40?

SFT 40 have enough spill that it can be decent on smaller distancies, especially when it is in flashlights with small or medium sized lenses.
My friend who has M21E SFT 40 is policeman and he use it everyday (night) when he is on duty.
He said that is very good to light city streets and dark roads because of reflection from road surface You get impression that it has wider beam and brighter spill.
I think that flashlights with SFT 40 are ‘must have’ for everyone who want cheap and very usable thrower.
I have SP33S and it is very floody light, and sometimes I would like that it is more throwier.
Convoy flashlights with SFT 40 are reasonable priced and everyone can try it and see if it is something adequate for him necessaries.
If You are not satisfied, it can be easy sale without much loses in value.


I have one flashlight with an SFT40, and I'm planning to get another.

The SFT40 provides enough spill for me for short distances, plus if I need some throw, of course it has plenty of throw.

It's my favorite (and most useful) emitter right now.

I think throwy emitters (that provide a decent amount of spill) are more useful than floody emitters (for my uses), so I'm going to stick with them for the time being.

Cheers guys, I appreciate the help!

I have ordered the M21E SFT40. Let’s hope for the best :smiley:

You are welcome, and congratulations on the M21E SFT40 order.

Wrt Piercing the Darkness SFT40 beamshots showing decent spill, I believe that’s because he mostly uses manual fixed settings unlike many other channels that use auto settings. So when he increases the light output (the usual low - medium - high - turbo) there’s no camera stepdown adjusting to prevent blown highlights in the footage. For me this is a much better approach for letting viewers see the progression of the brightness levels clearer (Even though in practice our eyes also adjust to bright lights, to some degree limiting our perception of brightness)

So yeah, that SFT40 has decent spill. Actually, even throwier emitters like Osram’s also have spill, just less bright as they are not as powerful. But then, how wide we want the spill to be (the beam angle)? This is where multiple factors like the size of the LED, the depth and the width of the reflector all come into play. (And this is for reflector-based flashlights, TIR lenses play by different rules, LOL) Unfortunately, beam angle info of a flashlight is not readily available unless the seller provides it in its marketing.
Case in point, Sofirn SP33S has a very floody 100° beam angle, Sofirn’s Amazon shop provide this bit of info (had to Google that). Go check Piercing the Darkness and Weerapat Kiatdumrong beamshots again and pay attention to the “border” of the beam, how wide it is. Now, Wurkkos TS22 is marketed as a flooder but its marketing says 80° beam angle, so yeah… Perhaps they meant to say the very big size hotspot as floody. :shrug:

Sofirn C8L has 82° beam angle, info provided by Sofirn from the beginning. Whereas I can’t find Sofirn SP35’s info so far. I just know that it has slightly wider beam than the C8L because I have both lights, LOL.

As to your last question, I am not quite sure, sorry. I would just say those two emitters have much different characteristics from SFT40.