【convoy】M21H bezel available now

Just ask Simon for prolong the purchase protection time.


(That describes most of my posts around here.)

Thanks, the problem is they don’t make it clear whether extending that also then extends the time before you can claim - if Simon isn’t out of pocket, I’ll put in the dispute as soon as I can, but if he is, I’ll wait longer.

Okay so I have movement. Apparently leaving China (again) only 6 weeks after it last left China.

The general protection period is 2 months. If the protection time is exceeded, the buyer opens the dispute and I will refund; if the buyer requests an extension of time, I will extend the time.

No probs, I’ll do the extension now because I can see there’s been movement again :slight_smile: Damn, was hoping it didn’t come out of your pocket when you’ve done all you can in good faith.

Aliexpress will not pay this money. :smiley:

Most of the packages I sent in March encountered logistics delays, and many packages have not been updated for 2 months. Most of the parcels sent in April have reached the buyers. This may be due to the border closure of many countries in March.
I have refunded a lot of money recently. :weary:

@Bizon Jack
i made a mistake.
it’s anduril-copy

Does the zoomie have tail e-switch?

Looks like a mech switch as in the colour S2+s.

That sounds like it is time to develop a more compact version of the Convoy T2 :innocent:

Anduril on Convoys?

Please no.

A note about the shipping questions: Due to the outbreak, everyone should expect significant shipping delays, especially for the low cost shipping options. The overwhelming majority of international passenger flights have been cancelled, and those passenger flights normally have below deck cargo space equivalent to several hundred dedicated freighter aircraft.

As a result, there isn’t enough capacity for the demand, and the lowest cost shipping option doesn’t have guaranteed space on any flights. Shipping costs are going up, too, as airlines create extra capacity by flying passenger aircraft with cargo only, meaning no passengers covering most of cost of operating the flight.

Sorry to hear that you have sent a lot of refunds. I am still waiting for my packages ordered in early-mid April. I am sure they will get here soon enough, but tracking says dispatch from GuangDong 4/20

mech switch

If you like crescendo, I will also produce drivers with crescendo in the future, I will give you a variety of options, not just one.

Thank you for your understanding and hope you receive your package as soon as possible

Kindly inform us when you have Crescendo.

I have a question. I got a Convoy M21A that has a forward-clicky tailswitch, I would like to have it changed to a reverse-clicky tailswitch (similar to Convoy C8+). Do you have something that will fit?

Also same with Convoy S11 — I got one with forward-clicky tailswitch, how do I change to reverse-clicky (which I prefer)? Thank you.