【convoy】M21H bezel available now

If you disassemble the tail switches, you can see what model/size of switch is used and find the reverse type to replace it. Convoys use the Omten style either like 1288 or small/large clicky. He sells replacements on AE too, but you can get them anywhere.

Replacing the s11 switch with a reverse one was… not fun. There wasn’t a 1:1 replacement.

Crescendo is a great UI. Andruil is nice too. Have you considered making a small, 15mm driver with a fet? For a AA/14500 size light? There aren’t many options for them.

Sorry, I don’t have any replacement parts.

After I finish the production of the Anduril-copy driver, I will work on the driver of Crescendo.
I initially confused these two models.
Actually I am producing a flashlight with e-switch, so I need to use anduril-copy.
Later, I will apply Crescendo to the flashlight with mech switch

Regarding the 15mm driver, I think it is best to design a new AA / 14500 flashlight case first (maybe call it “T3”)

Hey Simon, I was excited to see a 12v boost driver in your shop.
What diameter is it, and does it have mode memory/thermal stepdown? Thanks!

uh ,this driver is suitable for 6V LED,friend
the diameter is 22mm

what about this one

Ack, it was 6v in my head but I wrote 12… Sorry about that.

Actually there are 2 versions of the Convoy S11…

The Convoy S11 black uses a forward-clicky, whereas the S11 bluish-gray uses a reverse-clicky switch (I ordered one of each).

Was wondering if I could replace the forward-clicky version with the reverse-click version.

From memory, Simon said that the whole tailcap was machined different to fit the different switch/board. Happy to be wrong, but looking at the pics of them:

Looks like the retaining ring is much larger on the black. I mean I could get a new one to test, but I’ve got limited use for a second S11 :wink:

I’m looking forward to a T3 in the future, AA/14500 with biscotti (or crescendo), sounds wonderful :slight_smile:

And I hope for it to still be a tail clicky light like the T2 because for EDC-ing in my pants pocket only a tail clicky works. (all e-switch lights switch on in my pockets when I do not want them to).

If this is of service ∅15mm drivers can be found on SK68 clones. Could take a brief look at them in the past, tried to modify the output current while running on li-ion by swapping the onboard sense resistor, and it worked, but not as it should if it were regulated on li-ion as I recall. It probably worked in direct drive using the sense resistor to limit current when on li-ion, and it lacked low voltage protection/cut-off for it. So definitively not designed for 14500s.

The following is all I've found when searching for a ∅15mm driver in AliExpress:

Same 700mA boost driver, just different price and shipping quote. There's a lot of space left in the board.

I don't think there is any really good ∅15mm driver already in the end-user market. Things that matter, in my opinion, are low voltage cut-off for li-ion (2.8V or less, please), and more power, more power, always more power. ;-)

If this ever comes back in stock…

+1 :slight_smile:

Simon himself has a 17mm AA/li-ion boost driver for sale that will soon come with a biscotti-type user interface. I have not checked it out yet but it sounds like a very decent driver. If that driver can be scaled down to 15mm I’m confident that it will be better than the suggestions above.

We already have good linear driver designs, and better software is coming for them. That driver is a 7135 + direct drive PWMing machine, we can do better than that. And since I can live in peace with simple user interfaces, I prefer to opt for proper hardware.

In any case the above driver type is only suitable for modders, as it is only suitable for li-ion.

Hope to see a new multi-chemistry ∅15mm driver with great hardware foundation (beefy inductor and MOSFET).


What’s the benefit of using biscotti-clone and anduril-clone firmwares? Isn’t it more costly to rewrite software instead of using open source alternatives?

And uniformity, another UI to remember.

IIRC to use Anduril and Biscotti (non-clone) you have to provide the source code as per the GPL3 license and also an explanation of the driver used - if someone doesn’t want to disclose their hardware, then that’d be a reason.

Although I could be wrong on the hardware thing.