Convoy Nichia 519A R9080 CCT choice poll (2700k -> 5700k)

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

Choose whichever one you think would be best for the next round of Nichia 519A LEDs and lights, as per Simon’s next big order for Convoy lights.

voted 2700K even if it still too white for my taste


5500 interesting.

Is that a mistake for 5500k?

The 2700K dedomes to a nice rosy 2200K.

I don't know if I'll get a Nichia 519A, but I voted 2700K because I love really warm tints.

@malkoff junkie and LTC, yes, it was a mistake :confused:

5000K is available… maybe you wanna add it in again…

Done. I must have mistyped the 5000k as 5500k originally :stuck_out_tongue:

Voted 3000k. Curious to see what that one will look like after dedoming. But I can also live with 2700k

2700k and 6500k.
Yes, I did say 6500k, not many high CRI cool whites. 5700k will do if that is not available.

Only R70 and R8000 for 6500K

Very Warm :wink:



2700k. I would like 5700k as well.

I voted 2700K since I would be interested in making a dedomed triple. I really like my quad E17A 2000K LEDs and would like another one similar.

Very interesting to look at the result…

I like the current 4500K. Will get lower CCT too.

But I vote for 5700K here as this is probably, for now, the only 5700K available for R9080…

Are those 5700K B35AM from Hank R9080?

Voted 4500k. But I am also interested in 2700K and 5700K.

5700K R9080 and even 6500K R9080 are readily available via Eurekatronix.

Great to know, thanks…