Convoy Question - how hard to transplant C8 internals into M21A body?

I still find my C8 flashlights, running at 2800mA and 2100mA to be great lights, and I’m kinda hesitant to order a ready made M21A from Convoy running at 6000mA….its just too much heat too fast, you can’t loan that kind of light out to an amateur and expect them to manage it properly.

Convoy sells an M21A host with adapter. I like the bigger grip of the M21A (really the whole form factor), and the longer run-time of the 21700 battery.

How hard is it to buy the M21A host from Simon, and transplant my existing C8 internals into it? Any Soldering involved? Is the pill a different size? I’ve never disassembled the head of a C8, I’m pretty sure I have older C8s without the integrated head…it certainly unscrews at the neck. Thanks in advance.

The m21 has a shelf, so soldering is involved.
Dont know the driver diameter size, a C8 has standard 17mm

Well that’s a pity. I wish Simon would just offer the M21A as a “more robust” C8 powered by a 21700 battery feeding through a normal 7135 driver system (and 4 modes) that draws 2100 or 2800 mA…and not just the 6000mA juggernaut version.

His 6A drivers have no user configurable modes or memory either. They are a step backward from the 7135 Biscotti drivers in every way except max current. It isn’t hard to build at all, you can buy all the parts from simon’s store. You’d only need to solder two wires.

An aside, but if you are looking for a C8 type host that can handle heat well, I’ve been very impressed by the Manta Ray C8.2. The shelf for the LED is 8mm thick, it will take Convoy C8 reflectors and bezels, and it handles heat really well.

I didn’t need to be shown this…

Makes a really nice sextuple…

Has a solid copper spacer from kiriba-ru. Weighs half a kilo.

@RWS34, you can try and request Simon to give you a lower current version of the driver, since it uses a resistor for feedback.

Should be easy enough since the 6A version is the same as the 5A version.