Convoy Red driver with 12 groups UI (Now Available!)

You are partially correct, it’ll give okay runtime, just not long at a higher output, the 2.5v red emitter is not ideal on a 7135 driver since it’s designed for a higher Vf. I was also told it’s quite hard on the chips

For others who say it’s a non issue, why would Simon design a dedicated 2.5v driver for the Osram red if the 7135 driver worked perfectly fine?

C8+ osram red using 8*7135

L21B osram red using the 2.5v driver

Fairly certain it was used because most other red lights only use a low, high, and beacon

It is actually quite difficult to visually tell the difference between 20% and 100% modes.


We’re running parts way out of their specs in torches daily, Eg overdriving LED’s etc

Will it break after 2000hrs of use?
Yeah, probably, because they’re running very out “burning” that much excess voltage.

Will it be less efficient?

Those factors matter when you use torches for more than playing around like hunting, which is why Simon probably designed a dedicated step down driver with the most common modes used by hunters or similar

Yes, there’s no visual difference at all, you’re completely right…just kidding, you’re saying you can’t tell in the video?

I find them easy to distinguish. Having a lower mode than 20% would be very nice though, and significantly easier to distinguish. The 0.1% mode on my 8x7135 driver is delightfully low.

A “Moonlight” mode for the red leds would be great.

Im a bit confused about flashlights using red LED’s.
Ive been looking at a bunch recently, and it seems like most are very mode limited. Especially Convoy.
Yet Emisar/Noctigon flashlights can use red LED’s with Anduril/full range stepless ramping?

Update 1/06/22: 12 Groups Driver is currently in production and should be available within 2 weeks!


Woohoo! Awesome!

12 group will be a good option.

Great news, I will buy two drivers. :sunglasses:

The 12 groups UI is now available