Convoy S10 and T2: Two new lights from a great company launched on GearBest

Wonder if it’s AA only or both AA and 14500…If the latter, I’d love to try it out
EDIT: no 14500 I see…too bad ^

Yep, thx, looks like JetBeam Jet1 will remain on top for me

Yeah, I was wondering why that wasn’t the first thing people commented on.

Yesterday I sent a message to Simon asking if he was going to add the new T2 to his AliExpress Store and today he replied:

So…prepare your wallets :smiley:

Just saw the S10 (18650) on fasttech
how in the world does that tapered aluminum cone/skinny OP reflector work exactly…

Anyone have one…and/or beamshots?

Interesting looking light for sure…but how does it look beam wise…narrow floody?

T6-4C…ooh…I like this tint

could the beam-shot pattern similar to Nitecore GM10?

It should be similar to other jade identifycation lights,like

T2 available on Convoy Store @ AliExpress :THUMBS-UP:

It has mode memory, aaarrggh! }P

(Lights with only few modes must not have mode memory, I must know at what level the light switches on, I hate it when my EDC is a light level grab bag }( )

The Jaxman E3 has that advantage, it has no memory :wink:
BTW, I asked Simon if is compatible with Lithium cells, and I wait for the reply. But my guess would be “no” !

I think that a boost driver that is capable of getting 300 lumen out of a AA cell can not easily be made suitable for li-ions also.

The T2 looks great! I actually like strobe and mode memory for light painting!

Thinking about buying a T2. I’m not keen on mode memory, and I wish they’d included a 35% mode (i.e. 1–10–35–100), but it’s cheap enough for me to be happy to indulge my curiosity.

I see a capacitor on the driver board next to the spring. I wonder if the pencil line trick would work to get rid of mode memory? Of course, if that’s the boost output capacitor, it wouldn’t work at all…

Usually works, a what 100K (or was it 10k) resistor layed across the top of the capacitor helps cut the mode memory

I’m going to check that old trick out :slight_smile:

It’s just a right moment, just wish the blinkies are hidden.
My mother asked for a little bigger flashlight for her purse (currently carry Thrunite Ti).

As answered from Simon, “lithium battery may burn the driver” !
So, no go for 14500s on the stock driver!!
Just ordered one, let’s see how it behaves :GLASSES:

“lithium battery may burn the driver” !

Convoy’s my favorite. I don’t expect to be identifying any jade soon. I don’t think I’ll get a T2 either unless they put a driver that will take 14500’s in it. I’ve got a Sofirn SF14 and some others that I like alot.

Maybe a lithium won’t burn the driver in the T2? I bought some cheapo AA lights a few years ago that are still going strong on 14500’s , and I read about an AA light somewhere that just lost some modes with 14500’s.

The S10 is the “jade” light, the T2 is the AA light :wink:

I don’t know, but sometimes the AA drivers get weird with the 14500s. I will try it first and see if I like the way it operates. Unless it is a complete bad thing (which I don’t think, coming from Simon) I will keep it on AAs. If it is not good, I may try the Li-Ions just to see how it works!

The “warning” has been made, so now it’s up to us to try them on our own :wink:

SF10 (old version, as I don’t have the new version) is nice, and the modes even on AA are good enough. Despite it, I opted to use the host and leave the driver aside! :smiley: Maybe I will pick it again soon, for another thing.