Convoy S10 and T2: Two new lights from a great company launched on GearBest

Gearbest has launched a light I've never seen before, the Convoy S10 (affiliate link). This looks to be an S2 with a nose cone to limit spill, aimed at gemology. So far there are 4 different tints available, but it doesn't say what LED is used. Any thoughts on this new light?

Looks like they've also added an AA light, the Convoy T2.

The S10 looks a bit like this Tank007 J6
, only a lot cheaper

wth is ‘jade identification’? UV?

Other than the knurling on the head, and the visible driver with spring inside the head, the T2 looks virtually identical to my Sofirn SF14.

Not much detail, no specs on tint or output, or even whether 14500 is supported.

FINALLY!!! :smiley: ^:) :blush:

That T2 is a joke…
Seriously, the outside dimensions are the same as an S2+ with 18500 tube…

You’re right :FACEPALM:
All the potential going down the hole…

I’ve just compared the T2’supposed dimmensions with my measurements of the Jaxman E3 and the T2 is 0.01 mm longer and 0.01 mm larger than the E3!
It is shorter than the Sofirn SF10 and the SF14 (old version).

Works for me. I like big indestructible lights :slight_smile:

I’ll wait until it shows up on the Convoy AliExpress store, though, so I can get the specs straight from the horse’s mouth.

The T2 is robust (21mm diameter) but not the diameter of an S2 (24mm diameter), that is a clear difference.

I like the Jaxman version better (SS bezel :love: ) but this one is cheaper, and who knows how nice output and UI will be :slight_smile:

I guess I said it too early! :FACEPALM:
Only after mesauring it I realized the dimmensions were different than what I thought! I will try these, but, like you, I will wait for it to be sold on Convoy Store :wink:
Let’s see what Simon got for us })

Well, I guess having both will be the best thing to do, right? })

I kept thinking about dimmensions, and I realized that… I don’t think we could expect something much smaller from Simon! Convoy lights are made to be strong and hang some beats, so it had to be like this, not like Lumintop or others (smaller, lighter)!

Let’s see how it will come :wink:

I wouldn’t mind the OD being the same as the S2+ if it can fit a triple like the S2+. I haven’t seen any really moddable AA flashlights and if this can accomodate 3x Carclo, that would be fantastic!

From Neal on facebook: XP-G2, 300 lumen, no 14500 support, single AA only.
Low- Med- High and strobe (1–10–100%)
Possible Nichia emitter in next batch.

Sounds very good! 300lm is among the best AA lights around. And 1-10-100 is just perfect for me!

Any info if it would be hidden strobe (like 2 or 3 clicks)?
It’s sounding interesting :wink:

Very happy to see a Convoy AA light. For gifting to family & friends I prefer AA or AAA lights.

However if strobe cannot be avoided then I don’t buy.

Possible Nichia? That would be a first for Convoy

I feel the exact same way. Please no blinky modes or at least hide them!

And please hide them behind the mountain :slight_smile:

Hide them under Yucca Mountain.