Convoy S11 (3000K): Review, QC problem & vs. Sofirn SP33

In my video review you see a warm white Convoy S11 in action. I put it against a Sofirn SP33 in neutral white. I also highlight a QC issue with the light that might affect many or all users but can be fixed if you know it (the light is not even slightly waterproof due to a o-ring with the wrong dimension):

The ’33 is NW? Wow, looked more like Angry Blue™ in the video.

Reminds me… gotta do more dunk-tests on my lights.

Mine is 5000K but the hotspot is cooler - it’s an odd one. I’m toying with swapping in an SST40 with Simon’s new 5A driver.

The Convoy is just very, very warm. Whatever blue other LED’s pump out becomes more prominent in contrast I guess and the Panasonic camera might add its own take on the color as well. On its own the Sofirn SP33 seems to give slightly cold white light, nothing bad.

But a really warm white light in a natural environment with many colors is a sight to behold. You feel like the walking sun :wink:

Oh, absolutely. I got a couple of Sofirn SP36WWs and now also a pair of Wurkkos WK20s (Sofirn SD02 clones), and looooove WW. Reds and browns just pop under WW versus even NW.

I figured in retrospect that white-balance was just skewed towards the warmer end, that WW looked “natural” and NW/CW of the ’33 just looked colder.

I also noticed that even if the light isn’t as bright as one that’s CW, I could just make out things better under slightly dimmer WW vs slightly brighter CW. CW just washes out (natural) colors, makes things harder to identify, even if the light’s brighter.

The Dobermann you reviewed was WW, wasn’t it?

Yes, the Dobermann was ww. But a much whiter ww, no hint of yellow.

Hi Markus,

In relation to your video and the water getting into the S11, am I correct in saying that the o-ring on the head end of the battery tube was not thick enough? What sort of o-ring did you use to fix this?

The O-ring was thick enough but not the right size. It was too small. I go with 22mm internal diameter, O-ring is 2mm strong. It is best to buy a selection of o-rings to find the right one.