Convoy S11 XHP50.2 driver - reflashing

I’m starting to think about the possibilities of re-flashing the driver in the S11 (FX-50), as the current mode-spacing isn’t to my liking, and I’ll be getting a reverse clicky switch for it as soon as Fasttech ship it. With that in mind, I’m wondering if this driver is able to be flashed, and if so, what with.

I think the main chip it has is a 12F683, and I’ve taken an image of it:

There’s other things on there too, and I took a photo of another one that was on there:

Any help would be great. Thanks!

Any updates?

I’ve run into the same issue with KD’s FX-35 driver. Like yours, mine also has the same MCU.
I’m under impression that yes, you can reprogram it, however i wasn’t able anything worthwhile to use as sample code. I’m a high level software developer. Being so close to the metal is totally new to me.

If its not locked you can . If locked, get a new one.

Yeah, re-soldering isn’t much of an issue. Its the firmware side that is tricky.