Convoy S2+ 2700k-3500k Tint Samples

There’s been a lot of talk and hype lately about 2000K to 4000K led tints. So I had a bunch I ordered a year ago and decided to install them. Not bad I must say. I’ve been using my Astrolux Mini SST20, 4000K a lot and the tint is lovely. But the warmer tints are starting to stir my interest!money-mouthlaughing

So here’s my S2+ night beam shots. Might not be the greatest cuz I used my iPhone.laughing

Red flashlight is SST20 (2700K)

Blue flashlight is SST20 (3000K)

Black flashlight is XPL HI (3000K)

Purple flashlight is Samsung 351D (3500K)

Welcome, your pics do not show…

Here is a link to picture posting on the forum… Picture posting…

It is nice to see a new member jump in with a post comparing LED’s!

Again, welcome!