Convoy S2+ black version: green or black switch?

Hi guys
I’m going to order a Convoy S2+ AMC7135*6 XM-L2 T6-3B
I found Fasttech is selling for the best price ($14.16) vs Banggood ($15.99).
The difference isn’t even $2 but hey, this is BudgetLightForum :wink:
However, the pictures on Fasttech show a green switch cap while the one on Banggood has a black one.
I really don’t like the green switch but can I trust the pictures? Does Convoy indeed produce the black S2+ with 2 different colored switches or does one of the stores use pictures that ain’t correct?

Thanks in advance

Mine hasn’t arrived yet but it’s possible that they supply both. At least with my Eagle Eye X6 it came with the black installed and I put the green one on.

I recently order S2-s from various webshops for my friends. Fasttech, banggood, gearbest. I got only black button versions since a year ago in grey and black S2-s. The last green buttoned version I got I ordered about two years ago. Also the lanyard holes different in black button version The older has one hole on the each side of the button and the hole edge is sharp and can damage the lanyard. The newer on has two holes next to each other and smooth chamfered hole edges.

It’s a 16mm boot. If you are buying from one of those vendors they often sell the boots too.

the green ones are usually glow in the dark.

Fasttech doesn’t update their images at all. The boot should be black.

I think the S2 had a green button, but the S2+ (black) has a black button.

Many shops still show old pictures. The caps are black now.

I thought the S2+ used the silver metal tailcap button instead of the replaceable green/black rubber boot? Has it been updated?

Thanks for the information guys!
Staff just responded to my question on the Fasttech forums as well and according to them the manufacturer sometimes ships green buttons and sometimes black.

Only the red and blue models have the metal switch.
I’m not sure why Convoy hasn’t started using these for the other colors as well.

It may be because the original rubber button is waterproof while the metal one isn’t.

And the green one as well.

I think there are upcoming clear and tan models. The clear should use the metal switch. With the tan I think they are trying to get a black metal switch, or it might go back to rubber.

I much prefer the rubber/silicone boot myself. As was said it is more waterproof (the metal does have a silicone gasket under the metal that makes is very water resistant), and I just like the feel better.

Perhaps it is, but I don’t see why they’re using different switches for the same model and restrict it to only 3 colors of the 5 available.

I didn’t know that… I’ve only purchased RED ones, to assemble for others. I prefer the rubber boots, as those are easily replaceable to customize a light, in addition to being more water-tight/dust-proof. Except for the pending Tusken-Raider edition; I hope that one has a black metal switch cover.