Convoy S2+ sst40 1800lm 14$ only

[US$13.78 51% OFF]Gray Convoy S2+ SST40 1800lm 5000K 6500K Temperature Protection Management 18650 Flashlight Flashlight from Lights & Lighting on

Just bought this 13.78$.
I think its a good deal.

Battery to order? link?

Tempting. This new driver with temperature control working well?

samsung 30q should be good, banggood has them.

Got one coming directly from Simon.

I ordered one of the S2+ w/SST40 on @ $13.95 2 weeks ago.The day after ordering it said shipped but it's still sitting in China.I also ordered a standard black S2+ w/XML2 @ $9.95 to use as a host for a triple LH351D build.

The 7135*8 Driver L2 in cyan,purple and orange S2+ are in the FINBG2020 30% off deal.That's 30% off $16.99 or $17.99 depending on the emitter

Yes, IMHO working well. Can’t say anything about efficiency, but temperature protection works well, keeps the S2+ touchable for 2sec when heated up. Judging around 50C,which for aluminum feels quite hot.

Gray S2+ SST40 1800LM($13.99) and Black S2+ 7135*8 XML2($9.99) ordered on Banggood Jan 2,2020

Estimated delivery 02/02/2020

Jan 3,2020 shipped

Jan 7,2020 processed through EMS China

Today-Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 11:20 am on January 15, 2020.

They'll probably be in my mailbox Friday Jan 17th or Sat Jan 18th.

Not as long as I thought it would take.

The S2+ w/SST40 1800LM arrived today,16 days after ordering from Banggood

The plain white cardboard boxes were thoroughly crushed in the shipping plastic bag but the lights were not damaged.The lights were in bubble wrap sleeves.

The gray color looks more like a blue to my old eyes.Both the driver and tail cap springs are bypassed and there's a brass ring securing the driver in the brass pill.No solder on the ring or pill.

The reflector is smooth and the MCPCB is copper core.There's a butterfly style plastic reflector spacer.

The tail cap switch is a non illuminated black rubber button.

'll probably move all the parts to a green host I have unused.Not fond of the gray/blue.

That’s a lot of flashlight for less than $15! Bypassed tailcap and driver springs, temperature control, AR lens, Convoy quality - Wow.

I agree. Very tempting….

A closer examination of the S2+ with SST40 I received I found that the bypass wire on the driver spring was too short and not soldered onto the driver at the base of the spring.I've since replaced the factory bypass wires with .075" copper wick.

The light seems to benefit from higher amp cells like the Samsung 30Q and Sony VTC5D that's not to say a 10A Sanyo 18650GA is bad but the higher amps delivers higher brightness at 100%.

The 30Q is very cheap at Liion Wholesale but shipping is high

The whole light gets very very warm and impossible for me to hold in my hand after several minutes on 100%

I'm a novice so judge what I've said in that context.

Here's the driver:

Just be careful using Cu braid. Ain’t the softest material, and it can fray and let loose “hairs” bounce around and possibly short out things.

I see your location as NYC.I was born there and spent my 1st 50 there.

Thank you for the advice.My soldering skills are pretty good but eyesight is not what it was 50 years ago.

I employ extra lighting and stronger lens in the magnifier headset but those senior moments need to be always vigilant aka oops.

I just got an S2+ sst40 on this deal.I love it. I’ll keep the battery suggestions in mind.

If you love the S2+ SST40 you'll love the 1st triple you build

Samsung Flat Top 30Q 18650 cells should be good