Convoy S3 8x7135 review

Get to know my Convoy S3 8x7135 review.
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I was interested primarily, that the cause of this difference Convoy S2 + vs Convoy S3 Integrated pill comparison.

The two Convoy same driver and LED.

Hottest area of head temperature and time diagram:

From the outside it can not be measured significant difference. I did not measure temperature at the LED.

A couple of beamshot photos compared to other models:

Interestingly, the minimum color temperature difference because the same LED is S2 + and S3.
I have not noticed any significant difference between the two models. Any good choice :slight_smile:
Convoy S3 on GearBest
Convoy S3 on BangGood

how hot the body gets after minutes is totally insignificant

the LED junction temperature could be at 150°C or 50°C
within less than a second, if the thermal pad has no contact to the star, the heat that gets radiated from the small area of the exposed LED and board and thermal capacity is almost nothing
within 20 seconds after you turn on the light, if the star has no good heat transfer to the pill/body, the thermal capacity of the star is not much

and the heated mass and thermal radiation/convection of the whole light is identical there should be no difference

the only way to detect the difference would be an ir thermometer measuring the LED surface of the exposed phosphor

It’s that little metal weight can be a difference at all? If you can not lead the temperature of the LED will be the same so hot.
Maybe significance of heavy and great-cooled models such as M1, C8, L2, L6.
Or am I wrong?

Thanks for the measurements WestBam.

I do not fully agree. A graph was presented showing the temperature in the course of time, the two flashlights follow exactly the same temperature course, that makes me suspect that most likely what is happening inside is close to identical. If in one of the two lights bad heat transfer occurs anywhere between ledboard and shell, you would see a slower temperature rise at the beginning of the graph, later catching up with the other flashlight (because the same amount of heat is produced in the two flashlights).

I am leaning toward an S3 as a replacement for the S2 I sent to my brother in Tampa. Wish someone offered it in a host version. S3 plus NarsilM and xm-l2 3d would be a nice combination.

Just came across this 4 month old thread and was surprised no one replied about this.

You can buy the S3 host from several sources:

Here: (Official Convoy store on Aliexpress)

Or here (Fasttech):

But the best price I’ve found was here (Banggood):
Not exactly sure why they have 2 different listings - “New” version & “Upgrade” version

Thank you for the data WestBam. Supporters of the integrated shelf were so convinced of being right that the industry soon followed. And it is cheaper to manufacture too! But when you make a cross-section of both lights, you will see that they are almost identical. Same number of parts. Only difference: one has a narrowed tube and a bezel ring, and the other has a (brass) pill and a narrowed part at the front of the head assembly. I agree that the integral shelf has a theoretical superior heat transfer, but the transfer of a firmly screwed in pill of heavyer material is in reality not so bad either. So I stick with the pill. Wanna change something, take it out and have ample room to do so. Or keep on fiddling in a tight space.