Convoy T2. xp-g2 vs lh351d?

Which one will run the longest, brightest, and generate less heat on 100%?

Ounce for ounce I think it’s probably about the same. If there’s a difference in how you use the light based on the differences between these two emitters then maybe you’ll notice something. For instance, the XPG is a little smaller and thus will throw a little better than the sammy will. So if you tend to want to reach out a little with an AA sized light, then maybe the XPG will allow you to get the results you like at a lower setting (thus conserving battery and generating less heat) compared to running the sammy on the next higher setting or something. For closer up, the sammy puts out a bit wider spread of light and it’s generally smoother/nicer with better tint as well. If you’re running 1.5v cells you won’t be looking at heat anyway. With lithium cells this light can get a little warm but not hot-hot. Have to go look up the previous tests/reviews on this forum but if memory serves I think efficiency is near the same for each at the current this driver uses, but the sammy may give a little more lumens (not that you could necessarily notice by eye, ignoring the change in the beam due to emitter/die size). Keep in mind that these are small cells and Simon chose a current that can drive them decently, so running on 100% will tax the batteries quickly (it’s much better with lithium, all around). This is not a hot rod but it’s not a constant current efficiency model either.

How is the green tint between the two? I will be purchasing this with the 14500 Simon sells.

I’ll probably go with the XPG2 since I already have a S2+ LH351D if the XPG2 isn’t green like SST20.

It’s been a long time since I had an XPG2 but I remember them being pretty decent. The XPG3 were (are still?) ugly…ugly. I’ve got three lights and ten bare emitters from Simon in the LH351D and all have them have been a nice tint, apparently a good bin (not positive which bin(s) I got from him but to the eye they compare favorably with the dogfarts that I got from Digikey). Last light I got from him with that was I think in June. He’s always taken care to source good bins so he’s probably working with the same thing now (could always ask him). The SST20 I’ve had have been good looking in my opinion. Once you get over maybe a half amp they come into their own. I’d have to go look and see what exactly I have but with those I’ve mostly gotten 5K 90CRI, I think. At low current, yes, there’s some green but I don’t think it’s terrible unless you’re concerned about white walls of if that happens to actually interfere with what you need the light for. The sammy is probably my favorite gp emitter. The 5K 90CRI in the T2 I have is just really nice…no purple in the spill (just slightly rosy) and good clean neutral white light with smooth edges on the corona. That’s just stock, no dc-fix or anything. The T2 reflector has a very light subtle orange peel to it so that should help with anything the XPG might produce. If it helps any, with the sammy at 3’ from the wall in high mode, the beam at the very edges of the spill on is about 4’ wide….corona portion is about half that. At 10m the spill is about 11m-12m wide. Useful range on high with a fresh H10 cell is 50m (goes further of course, so that’s a subjective opinion on “useful”). The XPG will of course shink and stretch those numbers.

The XPG will stretch the range? And shrink the spill and corona? Any guesses by how much?

A little, yes. They are both the same 3535 footprint size but the actual emitting surface is slightly smaller on the XPG vs the LH351D. More or less like comparing the XPG to the XPL in that regard. I don’t really know what the beam would look like in this particular light but for sure the hot spot will be a touch smaller and thus throw a little further. One other small detail, not sure how much it affects the beam really, but the dome on the XPG and most Crees is pretty much clear while the sammy is - or appears - almost kind of milky and yellowish (hard to see the phosphor surface or bond wires…it’s unique). Search the forum or youtube for reviews and I’ll bet someone has compared the two side by side or at least there should be comments to contrast.

You can see the difference here if you look closely. Once it loads you can mouse over both photos to see different views.