Convoy T4

Any feedback on the new(?) Convoy T4 yet? 2AA with choice of multiple emitter options including many by Nichia such as 219B, 219B and the new 519A. Looks like it has their 4 mode driver, but I’m not sure what the voltage range is, nor if it features any memory functions.

Plain old 4 mode with memory. Nothing interesting at all with the UI. But it will handle 2 AAs or 2 14500s, so that’s interesting at least.

I don’t have one but I might get one, or at least the driver itself for another light I have.

It does have mode memory. Looks like a good kids/granny light. I will review one when it arrives.

Looking forward to the review!

Funny you mention kids light. When I saw the product photo with it’s long battery tube, the 1st thing that crossed my mind was that it would be perfect for my young son. He likes to imitate me and since daddy has the L6, he can have a T4 when we go exploring the darkness :smiley:

Careful though since it doesn’t have reverse polarity protection!

Not sure what would happen with 2 AAs going in the wrong way, but 2 14500s would probably fry the driver.

It has physical anti-reverse protection, the copper column in the middle is lower than the components next to it.

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It could be cool granny light, with 12 mode driver set to 12 group, so it's only on, and off. With 1A on 2 x AA, it's not a problem.
And if there will be a Nichia 519A version of it, on 12 mode driver, then I'm buying it.

Ps. Anybody know if it's safe to use with Ni-Mh ? do it have low voltage protection around 1V for cell?

Good to know Simon! Seems to me then that would be considered reverse polarity protection.

It’s here…and I like it. LH351D 5000K. (Sorry, I’m not much of a photographer.)

Just an FYI. This light will not work with Energizer Ultimate Lithium primaries. I have run it with Duraleaks and E-gizer NIMH with no issue, and keep it loaded with Vapcell Golds (3A). I’m sure somebody more knowledgeable about this type of driver would have an explanation as to why. I’m guessing has something to do with voltages (?) as the alky’s meter 1.52V, and the lithiums measure 1.81V.
Kinda disappointing, as I like to keep lithium primaries in my stash lights.

That’s a pretty big issue. A light like this is PERFECT for leaving stashed in a car or something with lithium primary cells. I thought about buying one for that purpose but not now.

It’s probably the LVP. The higher starting voltage of the lithium primary cells probably makes the light think it’s running on two dead 14500s and it triggers the LVP.

The cutoff voltage for the LVP needs to be tweaked I guess.

Good point, I didn’t think about the LVP. I wonder what the cut-off is on the low side. Maybe a couple of “gently used” cells might sneak in below the radar (although that kinda defeats the purpose).

When the input voltage is 4-6V, T4 will stop working.

Well then do you plan to tweak this setting, like changing the cutoff voltage to 5-6V?

As far as I can see many people plan to buy this light as in-car / in-garage back-up light, which requires using lithium primaries. If it doesn’t work with two lithium primaries then many people will not consider buying this, or request for return when they find out lithium primaries don’t work.

Or, at least pin an attention info on product page saying lithium primaries won’t work.

Is there only 4-6V trigger for LVP? What about the Ni-MH? Won't it just drain them to 0V
And 4-6V LVP should not trigger for lithium, as one battery is below 2V, is it really 4V floor for LVP?
Can somebody test LVP with external lab power supply on the T4?
Ps. Oh no. Now I see myself buying external lab power supply, just to test LVP in my flashlights.
Pps. I also wanted to have T4 with lithium AA in it, now I will wait.

IMO, the fact that the T4 works with 2xAAs and has a 519A option makes it very attractive for someone like me who wants an AA light using my NiMH cells which are basically never used :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe your light is defective?

has anyone else confirmed that two Lithium Primaries, do not work?

I believe I saw someone on reddit claiming their T4 doesn’t work w/ lithium primaries either.

My T4 is due soon. Maybe I’ll run a test and see.

Yep, it’s a cool little torch. No regrets whatsoever despite the lithium cell issue.

Possible, but seeing as it works with 3 of 4 chemistries, I gotta go with it’s a function of the LVP parameters as others suspect. Will wait for UNBLF to report his findings, and see if I can find reference to the r/flashlight mention. It’s puzzling that the LVP kicks in between 4V –6V, but two lithium primaries only produce 3.6-3.7 volts in series. Is there some percentage of tolerance on either end that may account for the trigger? Again, I’m no electronics genius, so there’s obviously more to the picture.