Copper 3C steampunk by Hopback (progress made 16th June)

Here is the collection of parts that I will be soldering together to make a 3C (alkaline/nimh) torch……

It will be a 4c xpg2 driven by a single mode buck-boost driver at (only) 1 Amp.

The reflector is 42mm dia.

More photos to follow, as work progresses. I will dig out a better camera for these shots.

Edit 11/6/2013

Just a photo before soldering to show roughly what I’m aiming for….

Tailcap has o-ring seal.

More to follow….:slight_smile:

Very nice! I think about making one similar every time I go through the plumbing department at Lowes. Those stepped couplers certainly make for awesome flashlight heads! Can't wait to see your finished product. 8)

All you guys do me us proud, ya know that?

I cant argue with the above comment. good stuff.

First post updated, won’t be doing any more today….

Stay tuned :wink:

Hopback. I dont know if you realize it but you have nearly made a light. People are going to get sick off me saying this but that is looking orsm. love it.

Nice work. I like how you were able to get machine threads for the tailcap instead of pipe thread.

very inventive, I love the steam punk aesthetic. I’m starting to feel a little ashamed of my own rather pedestrian plans in light of all the awesomeness I’ve seen in these threads so far!

Here are a few more photos……

They are not toenail clippings, the reflector lip needed removing!

More to follow……

Thanks for the support so far :smiley:

A bit more progress made today. I cut down a stop end to mount the led star and made the bezel from a thin slice of 42mm pipe.

The lens needed to be about 0.5mm smaller in diameter so I sanded it down to size, then dropped it oops!

Arrrgh! :open_mouth:

Ouch. Better get that carpet flooring in quickly.

auch! sorry about that lost sanding time

That thing is turning out great !

Wow, starting to look good.

I’m in the middle of building a steampunk living room + dining room… a nice steampunk flashlight would be a great addition. :slight_smile:

I do hope this build is going well… I really want to see the finished light. :slight_smile:
10 hours to go!!!