****Copper Eagle Eye X6 heatsinks****(design)

Hey guys im looking to have some eagle eye x6 heatsinks made for the current GB and i want to hear some input on how many i should have made ect..........

:Note the top of the HS is notched for a O-Ring

Would u guys like it to be one piece or have it 2 pieces for use with a reflector ???

like this below

if using a Ledil Cute-3 optics for a build u can put the HS like this >

Depends on quantity i think i can get them for around $15-20 each being copper

reserved>>>>Thanks DBCstm for the drawings

I’m interested!
I’d probably only be using it for a triple build like DBCstm’s, so one part is fine, but that’s just me.

I would be in for at least one of either type.
Get a price on AL if you can, might get more people interested at a lower price.

Thanks for doing this.
Hope you can make it work.

I’d be interested in one for a triple, either type, either material

I would be interested in a couple. Suggestion though....because of the mass there will be more than plenty to transfer heat. 6061 Aluminum should cut your costs way down...not just for material costs but also production time. It is easier and quicker to get a finish on 6061 than copper.

I would be in for 6061 rather than copper and I would only use it for a triple

Two for triple builds. Aluminum is preferred due to cost and weight.

At 50 pieces he quoted me $10 each on aluminum and i can do for say 30pcs of aluminum and 20 copper but it will be more than the cost of aluminium ? I'm not a machinist but is $10 fair or should i look into someone else

Seems like a good price.

Did you see how many cuts he would have to make
Will this also have the center hole drilled

I think 50 in AL would go fast, let the people who want copper eat cake :slight_smile:

$10 is very fair. I thought about making my own but if I can buy them at $10 it just is not worth it for me to make my own or for anybody to try and lose some fingers.

I will take two to start.......NEXT...

The center hole will be drilled, ill eat cake i want copper for mine :)

I would like one either way on aluminum that way I can do a triple. Copper depends on the price


Been wanting a smaller sized triple for a while!!!

Quad/triple only, at least two aluminums for me. I want that quad from an X6 a certain person has been making everyone jealous with :wink:

Put me down for 1 aluminium.

1 aluminum quad for me please. It would be really neat to have holes drilled and tapped for the screws that come with the X6 to screw the star to the heat sink. Might be a PITA for various builds though. At any rate I’m up for at least one for now.

I don’t recall at this moment all of the headaches that Dale experienced squeezing an MTG2 into his but the idea of this light with an MTG2 and a TIR is intriguing to me. Perhaps with this TIR Like Ouchyfoot did with his Convoy M1 then it could just be easier to get the M1 and a slug of copper.
-just thinking out loud. Carry on.

For $10, put me down for 2

In for 2 Alu. Please post a sample pic.

I should have a samply by monday,freeme u just hit 1k post :)