Costco Eneloops for $16 (US)

Costco is having $4 instant rebates on their 3rd generation Eneloops making the total price $15.99 + tax. This is for 10 AA Eneloops + 2 plastic battery cases and only available in the stores. The Costco item # is 637494 and the rebate lasts until 12/16/2012. This is probably one of the best deals you can get for Eneloops currently. I bought some to replenish my spare Eneloops that is currently used in my Coast HP550.

Aghhh man seriously? I just bought a 10pack of eneloops from Costco on Weds.

Such is life huh?

Online or just in stores? No Costco near me.

They are only sold in the stores. AFAIK, Costco never sold the Eneloops online.