Costco quit eneloop?

If you live near an Ikea, you could also buy Ladda 2450 batteries. I believe they perform the same as Eneloop pro batteries.

Unless you plan to do grocery shopping there, it’s probably not worth getting a membership. Their batteries are a good deal, but I only ever bought flashlights there once. The lights are definitely not designed for flashaholics. Probably okay for giving out on a camping trip, and you won’t care if they get lost.

They have lots of other crap, too, besides food. It’s generally good quality, but selection is limited to high-turnover stuff.

If you don’t think a Costco Membership will be worth it for you, have a friend with a membership buy you a few $5 ‘Costco Cash Cards’ at the register.

Each gift card will get a non-member into the store for one shopping trip.

Pay for your purchases with one $5 gift card and the rest in cash.

Here’s a screenshot from Costco’s site about how Cash Cards work.

Note that non-members are charged a 5% fee when making online purchases. There is no fee for in-store purchases.

The site says cards are available in amounts starting at $25, but I believe that only applies to online orders of cards. I purchased five $10 cards in-store last week. When I asked what the minimum amount per card was, the cashier said I could choose any denomination.

Good to know they are actually still for sale! I forwarded the info!

Thank you for all the feedback, I have friends and simply ask for those cash cards. Since I live mostly alone (gf not moved in and no kids), there is no need for large amounts of groceries or anything.
I just keep hearing about costco on any forum out there and I thought they have some great deals. Also sites like slickdeals keeps posting costco deals.

thanks again.

6 years later and sharing your attitude leaves me with some forgottenloops.
i am happy to say that these live up to their claims and more.
2 packs of 4 from 2012 at 1.298v each on the dot.all 8!
loaded them into a 2way pack and still running beyond the point that the stock rechargeable pack would have died.
flea market loops for the win then and today!
i have 1 more pack to do more scientific testing on.
same code from 2012.

I’m seeing eneloops on the Canadian Costco ( website, but not on the US website (

You guys are sure they are still sold at Costco?

Just got a message from Dave (New Mexico) that Eneloops aren't being sold at Costco anymore.

Anyone seen them still for sale?

Still being sold in Canada here

I’ve seen them at my local Costco around Christmas for the last two years, but after the stock is sold out sometime after the New Year, they were not restocked either time.

I advise asking the question again around the end of November.

They are now stocking Energizer rechargeable kits at my local Costco (HI), so it is highly unlikely they will bring in Eneloops now. Items come and go, but I doubt things will change before next year.

Energizer here as well…

i cant find a single rechargeable aa,aaa,c,or d cell on the costco site.
looks like an order of amazon basics is in my future.
i have a few aa holders for 2 way radios to fill.

What kind of Energizers?

If they are 2300mAh and made in Japan, then they are the 2300mAh cells made for Energizer by Panasonic for lower capacity vs Eneloop Pros, but with lower self-discharge.

If they are 2000mAh, they are 100% Eneloops. These are very rare though, and a prize in my collection of NiMH cells. Were way less expensive than Eneloops too.

I will try and remember to take a couple of photos when I go to Costco on Monday.

These guys sell Eneloops, and guaranteed to get authentic. Amazon is famous for delivering counterfeits

Batteries are made in Japan. 2000mAh AA and 800mAh AAA. Charger is made in China. Looks like a 4 channel charger with USB output too.

On sale until 9/22 for $24.99 (regularly $29.99)

I saw them at my Costco on Monday, but forgot to look closely.
For what it’s worth, the pack above looks like the exact same variety pack with adapters that my Costco Eneloops came in - obviously, with different branding.