Costco quit eneloop?

It seems my store no longer has eneloops…Is this occuring everywhere? I was finally ready to buy and they were gone, seems I must buy things when i find them otherwise they are always gone when I come back….Just my luck

I was at Costco here in Melville Long Island, and they had AA Eneloop 10 packs, but no AAA's. When asked an employee about it, it was like I was talking to a wall. Totally clueless. I hope they don't discontinue selling them.

There was a thread about this.

I believe they are re-packaging / marketing them with new name. Supply delay? Costco is a pretty big order to fill.

It'll be big print "Panasonic" and small print "Eneloop" instead of big print "Eneloop" and small print, "Sanyo".

Eneloops come and go at my Costco, and are often packaged differently. Sometimes they stock a single combo pack (AA, AAA + charger). Sometimes they are packaged sepately (10 AA or 10 AAA). Currently my local warehouse carries a combo pack (8 or 10 AA + 2 AAA), but I think stock is getting low.

There have been periods of several months where they didn’t have any Eneloops in stock, but they have always come back (so far). That’s how Costco is. If it’s there and you want it, buy it, because it might not be there next time. Eneloops are a regular item though, I usually buy a pack whenever they are discounted.

The UK Costco stores have never had eneloops or any rechargeable batteries.

My wife has a theory about Costco, that they’ll first bring in a name brand and sell it, and then, if they can, will later source a similar problem under the “Kirkland” name, and then phase out the name brand (or price it way higher). Wonder if they’ve found a source to replace Eneloops?

I am hoping to at least find some stragglers around some of my more local costcos. I Looked high and low and there were none to be had of any kind….

I might give it a go today and see whats up.

Gone from Texas (North) too. Been checking for weeks.

Just checked this week, and the Costco here still has the pack with:

- 8 AA

- 2 AAA

- 2 C adapters

- 2 D adapters

  • 1 4x charger

It’s like $23+.

They use to have another pack, with just batteries, but haven’t seen that one in quite awhile.

We’re in Northern Virginia area.


I have been looking and still found nothing. That is the exact pack I want but havent even seen it at my store ever. Good luck on that I guess.

I look at the sanyo/Panasonic site and it doesnt even have updates as to when stores will be resupplied. I checked BestBuy, Target, Costco, and walmart and nuthin….

You're in the states .....just buy duraloops .

for me it's much easier to find, buy, return if you ever wanted to and they are also all over the local flea markets for about a buck each .. usually 5$ for a 4 pack. Hard not to buy them ...and at that price i never understood people conditioning them or massaging them .At a buck my theory is use and abuse them without second thought.

Ebay is also a great source for duraloops

To get the real Sanyo-made duraloops you have to make sure you’re buying the Duracell packs with the white inner lining, not the black lining. The lining can be seen around the top positive point of the battery. The black topped duraloops are made in China, the white tops are made in Japan.

Dont forget about the grey top duravacs… more junky cells, but work great as slingshot ammo.

Right ....

White topped made in japan called pre-charged or stay charged

Not black topped made in china .

I have only seen the white topped versions lately in the stay-charged versions but if you're buying on ebay make sure and ask . also don't buy the higher mah batteries that are not low self discahrge ...that's the point of buying eneloop/duraloops in the first place ..(they stay charged )

Okay. Ill take a look and see if I find any duracell wgite tops, but I dont remember seeing any when I was doing my search… :weary:

My local Target usually carries white top duraloops, and recently they had the Rayovac lsd cells on clearance for $3.98 per four pack. I’ve had pretty good luck with them…they aren’t the same as duraloops but are fine for remotes, toys etc.


Just received an email with the question if Costo stopped selling Eneloops.

Anyone can chime in?

Still available

Not all store’s carry them and they can be restocked sporadically or not at all. The last time I saw them was around Christmas. Ive never paid more than $2 per cell and usually buy them from Amazon.

Would it be worth signing up for Costco just to get batteries, flashlights, and similar things? Do you guys shop at Costco for flashlight goods?
I have never had a membership with them and I travel a lot to Europe and Asia as well.

I bought a pack at my local Costco about about two weeks ago. It has 6xAA, 6xAAA, a charger and C & D cell adapters. They had tons of them, this is in Texas. They also had the packs with just batteries and a charger with no adapters.