Cotton face masks - where to buy worldwide?

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why would cdc recommend for general public to wear inadequate protection

alpg88 because thats al they have. cant recommend people to use masks they cant get. USA is trying everything they can now to make up lost time because some people didnt think it was serieus.

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I am fortunate that I do not have to buy one. My girlfriends friend is making them and I am getting one. They are cotton and washable so it can be reused.

Is she selling them?
I’ll buy one.

No,sorry. She is a church lady[!] and just making them for her friends.

Ok, Thanks.

for those wishing to have a more science-oriented approach to DIY masks, my daughter put together this site with her team that demonstrates different types of masks, patterns, and instructions for making them. the website also includes the available science wrt masks.

i believe the US CDC is suggesting that all wear masks when out and about but saving the medical-grade N95 masks to the healthcare professionals that are desperate for them. everyone wearing masks protects you from me and me from you!

It’s not a place to buy masks,
But over here:

I put a CDC video on how to make a mask in 45 seconds.
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I think they have finally conceded that some protection is better than none … not only for folks that are infected but those that arent. This would not have been an issue in the US if there had been sufficient stocks of mask. Look elsewhere in the world, everyone is wearing them and no one is being told they are not effective.

I could be wrong, but I think the mask recommended for the public at large are more to help limit the the spread of shedding of virus by infected people. Especially, since the shedding begins before symptoms are noticed.

Our President said, He ain’t gonna wear one so I ain’t either.

I already wear a pistol when I go for a walk, now I’m told that I’m supposed to wear a bandanna also?


This doesn't apply to most people, but in Riverside county (my county), you cannot form a group of any amount of people unless you live with them, and you must wear a face mask in public.

That's the law here.

Gotta say, though, this whole mask-wearing thing is dropping a nice big fat monkeywrench into the works, frustrating those wanks pushing facial recognition. Cameras on every street-corner? Ha! Good luck with that…

See? There’s a bright side to everything. :laughing:

I cannot wait to get my cotton mask.

All I have is an N95 mask that is not very comfortable.

I've had it for years, and my germs have been on it for years, so no one in their right mind in the medical profession would want my N95 mask.



Just make your own with a bandana and rubber bands.