Cotton face masks - where to buy worldwide?

Now in California when you go out in public you need to wear a mask.

I like cotton masks.

Today I bought some on AliExpress and eBay.

The one from eBay should be coming from Los Angeles, so hopefully I'll have it soon.

Here's the one I got on AE:

The one from eBay looks nicer and is a lot more expensive, but it has no reviews so I'm not even going to link to it.

My question is...

Where is a good place to buy cotton face masks in the U.S.?

(Hopefully ones that have positive reviews.)

i bought 2 of these, Adult Size Masks - Breathe Healthy ,on the advice of my pulmonary doctor. i was using a paper style and he said these cloth masks would be better.

The ear-loop strap has a sliding bead to set the tension, and it has a formable nose piece to get a good fit. It appears to be 2 layers thick where the inner layer is a fleece-like material (supposedly a 1 micron filter material). They are pricey, but can be washed and re-used. i get a better fit if i wear it high on the nose compared to the paper style, and it took me a few times to get used to the feel of the cloth around my face but now i love it.

A blood cell is about 3-6 microns, and bacteria about 1 micron; a virus is 10x smaller than bacteria and 10x larger than an antibody, which is 10x larger than a glucose molecule. So a virus would easily get thru, but they do stop pollen particles.

i have copd/asthma and tree pollen has been really thick this year. Using this mask has been working really well for me. Good luck and keep safe.

In our country, wearing masks has been mandatory for more than two weeks.
They must all be in public, in transport, at work. The exception is a driver who is alone in the car, or a man alone in the countryside. Children under two years of age have an exception.
Masks were scarce, so people made them. Some people sell them for the price of the material, but most of them sell them for free. Today, a lady came to the company and left us twenty masks she made. They are distributed everywhere.
These masks do not protect those who wear them. We have a saying: My mask protects you, your mask protects me.
The principle is to limit aerosol when breathing.
So far it seems to work. Infected increase, but slowly.

All sold out now. Oh well, still digging.

Yep, just bought the last 56 they had.

Good job.

Lol it was a joke. It was sold out when I saw it too.

I know. I was too.

Here’s a link to a DYI mask.
It’s from the A&M medical so I think it’s a reliable source.

The nifty thing is that it uses no sewing machines or any special skills.
I made one and for Texas sized adults it needs to be a bit larger.
Make one out of paper towels or?? to get the fit right before making one out of a better material.
A stiff rubber band (or 2) can be used with some para-cord sheath to make a strap that flexes to hold the fit.
All the best,

there are literally hundreds of videos on youtube with tutorials how to make one, in every language. but it is not a task for everyone,

i made one yesterday. just to try, had to unbury my grandmothers sewing machine, i used hepa vacuum bag, and i used surgical mask design, it has larger area, and it is easier to breathe, than smaller cup design, normally surgical mask is inferior to n90-95, but when made of hepa material, it is much better, than regular surgical mask

I’m from Ft. Worth and I’m tough. I don’t need no mask. I’m tough I said !!!

Cloth masks are not effective.


I know that cloth masks are not as effective as medical masks, but they are reusable and way more comfortable.

as masks, no, but as a shel for a filter, they are much better.

The CDC now recommends that all Americans wear non-medical masks when in public.

Masks that cost $0.70 each two months ago are now $7.00.
Is that considered gouging?

If so, I’ll drop them to $6.50.

What's sad is that I paid $7 for my eBay mask.

The mask might not be all that great either.

And the price of masks is surely going to just go up and up.

Have you seen the video ad for the “Half Price Masks” shop?

Wiping Shoe with Masks 口罩擦鞋 - YouTube or this one of a worker rubbing masks on his shoes?

Wellp, I got a fleecey baklava that worked great in winter to keep me warm. Gotta go out tomorrow ’cause I’m down to vapors, foodwise. Gonna be hot as Hell, probably, but my time-machine’s broken and I can’t go back 6mos to order something.

Anyone gets too close and I’ll go all Donald Sutherland on ’em…