Could someone help with 10mm Xpg sinkpad?

Hi, all!
I want to mod my old spark st5 with xpl2. But I can’t find 10mm mcpcb in Russia or in shop with shipping to Russia.
So could someone help me to get 10mm mcpcb for adequate price?

I would take something like this:

and file it down.

also looked for 10mm ones earlier this year and found them to either be elusive or expensive.

Our user and friend vestureofblood also has them here:

16mm sinkpad filled to 10mm?

I’m afraid that filing can cause a short circuit. And filing from 16 to 10 mm using sandpaper it is huge work.So I will do this if do not find other solution.

You can make it easy.
Take a small (under 10mm OD) brass or copper rod. Solder it to the pcb backside. Take two power tools (one drill and one else, drill/dremel/sand grinder/bench grinder etc). Fix pcb with piece of rod in the drill chuck, and use small sanding or grinding attachment in another tool. Dont think it will take more than 10 minutes (for all operations).

Or use a hacksaw and cut down the board first then sand it smooth? Using a proper file will be quicker than sand paper. I have done it with 20mm boards a few times.

Cutterelectronics has the 10mm boards in stock? Problem is it would be to expensive to order just one thing.

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