Coupon Code - DinoDirect 50% discount

Dinodirect - HDAY20

20% of for Thanksgiving - Valid from 15th Sept 2010 to 10th Jan 2011

Dinodirect - AUT6Q4K

$10 Cash Coupon for orders mode than $40 expires 30th Nov 2010

Dinodirect - AUT2C5B

$8 Cash Coupon for orders mode than $25 expires 30th Nov 2010

Thanks how2! There is also the 20% off coupon for flashligths (FLSL15) since quite some time. Unfortunately most prices are way too high even with the discount.

PS: Maybe add "dinodirect" to the subject so people know what's this about.

is reliable dinodirect?

I've only had one order but it arrived as it ought to and quite quickly - as in 7 days from order to arrival which impressed me.

But they use HK Post so won't be so fast just now.

Also impressed,

order date sept. 3 arrived sept. 10

order date oct. 23 arrived nov. 11

order date nov. 10 arrived nov. 24 will lauch 50%OFF sale on All products in our Retail Store, starting from Nov. 25th to
Dec. 1st.Hurry now before the offer ends and you get the best deal for highest quality products!

from account registration notify

Where is the flashlight sale?

Can you show link

only plaintext was there. waiting 25th...

I'll bet 100 bucks it won't be as good as it sounds. I'd say it should rather read "up to 50% off on some products".

Yes the 50% on all products but some have been increased by a lot.

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see a screen where you can input the coupon codes.

I can't find it either

wow at 50% off the prices are, normal prices lol

gimmick if ive seen one!

They have increased the price by 49% before giving the 50%

that makes me NEVER want to buy from them

thats BS and a company like that should be put out for good.


its one thing to do a "UP to 50% off sale" and give it on one item, THAT is a good business strategy

but to say "50% off everything!" then jack up the price 100%!

i thought Caldors went out of business a while ago!

guys... there are a lot of good deals... such as this

thanks dinodirect

about the service we will talk after the items will reach me :)

That price is good, but there seem to be 2 lights with a AA/14500 form factor:

UltraFire UF-H2B (1xAA -1.5V)

and the

UltraFire UF-H2 (1x14500 3.7V~4.2V)

so be careful which one you order

The price of $8.50 for the TANK007 TK-703 is nice and for fans of SS the TrustFire XP-E F23 for $7.75. Some of the prices are really good.


I ordered another Fenix and some red filters :)

Too bad that they don't have JETBeam...

I have just bought 2piecies of this one

also very tempting to buy fenix tk30 for 77$ looks like a very good deal, but some how afraid a bit...

Do they declare all the price? or like DX/KD, who knows?

Very tempting but at the same time, scary.