Courui + 86mm KD reflector + camera parts; Say Cheese!!

You don’t need a XM-L2 that can take hi current like the old ones. the new XM-L2 U4 is much more efficient, so even with the lower current use it will still out throw the lower flux bins that can take more amps.

I built a UF-1504 with the XM-L2 U4 1C dedomed, that i run fully DD without any driver at all. and it is much stronger (almost 1/3 :laughing: than my 1504 with a XP-L V6 1A that takes more amp & get much hotter but is weaker than the new U4 :slight_smile:

And johny723, check out n10sivern’s test of the newest high flux bin emitters in the 1504 to see there potential :wink:
As you can see the XP-G2 S4 2B is even stronger, but with a smaller spot & less lumens.

Yep, it would be good to see some graphs/back to back tests done on these new U4’s / S4’s, compared to the earlier emitters.

I have another big KD reflector in-bound, & am thinking of putting it in different host, with a buck driver setup…


Nice, looking forward to see the host you are going to pick, i hope its a cheap one :wink:

It seems that 750kcd would be piece of cake for this light with newest bins.

That KD reflector is probably used in Eagletac M25C2 Turbo.

An excellent light for mountain rescue crews.

as well i dont like to cut the original bezel/ring , i dont know if this :\_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
will make the trick.

That looks as though it would do the job.

we will found out in 3-4 weeks :slight_smile:

an update the ring above worked fine BUT after my second attemp failed to remove the extra material from the reflect (i ended up with 2 damaged reflector) we need to find a source pre-milled reflectors,its not easy job to do it without the correct hardware :frowning:

Sorry to hear that. It would be great to source an 86mm I.D. hood, then it would be a very easy mod.

I have one of these Courui on its way to me. I had a look at Kaidomain and see that they have two 86mm reflectors listed.

If I was going to attempt this mad mod, which reflector would you recommend?

Thank you

that would be nice but i dont think exist one + i think i might need another lense as well.i emailed kaidomain if he can source this lense without the extra material will see…
btw FmC you used a drill isnt it ?

lampyris, i think they are the same.

I recall seeing two listings, & I think they are the same, however, this is the one I have been using.

Yes, similar style drill press to what I have. I used a high speed milling bit which I sank into the wood a little, then carefully ran the edge of the reflector against it (3rd pic in the OP of this thread).

Thanks for the link. :slight_smile:

finally i manage to remove the excess material by hand, from the reflector without damage it .used the camera pieces you used and a the monster is awake.
now i am reading your post about focusing since i am using a hoop centering ring which is 1mm height,i think i should make it 0.7mm to see further gains.

Wow - must have taken you ages to do by hand!

I got in a OP version of the 86mm reflector, & trimmed it down just last weekend, & I was thinking “there’s no way I would be filing this down by hand”.

I put the OP reflector into the L3 I modded a while back, & swapped out the XPL with an XHP 50. Turned out really well.

Are you planning to use XP-G2 in your Courui?

yes i am using xp-g2,i saw as well the other monster you create ,the reflector in photos looks more smooth than OP.I am guessing your next project with KD reflector and XHP35 HI will be

That was the SMO reflector still, in that thread.

Here's the 86mm OP reflector installed, with the XHP50;

I hadn't seen that big Courui you linked before - would make a very nice host, but a bit pricey

i c ,no sense to had a flashlights with so close specs,this “floudy” setup will be nice as well.

I have not measured the lumens/throw yet, but I would still consider it a ‘thrower’ with the XHP50. I have sliced the dome off, which helps.

It’s like the dedomed XPL that was in it, but on steroids…. :slight_smile:

it will be interesting to see a xhp35 on this reflector :slight_smile: