Courui D01 Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector. (No lathe required, mostly off the shelf parts)

Thanks FmC, that build thread really straighten out a lot of questions on how to make a good optimized Courui D01 mod.

Please do a similar follow up thread with the 86mm reflector Courui D01 mod :slight_smile:

I spent a few hours today working with the camera adapters, & came up with a combination that doesn't require using the original bezel at all, & gives a few extra mm height.

@ Linus; do you mind if I put up a separate thread for my mod?

I know it is none of my business, but why not to keep all the information in one thread? Or at least post here a link to your mod. Can’t wait to see your mod too! BTW is there a way to use a normal lens? Those filters you use are rather flimsy and too thin. I like robust stuff that can take some punishment. I don’t like the risk of breaking the lens and messing up the reflector due to a puny lens.

To me I find it difficult to find particular points of interest when a thread gets to big. With its own thread you have better results with the search function, though I am a bit simple at times.

I'll do a separate thread. This is, after all, Linus' mod thread.

Obviously, I'll link to this thread, & give Linus the credit for coming up with the idea.


Thanks FmC for doing a write up (i hope ;)) like you did on your first Courui D01 mod thread :).
I i learned a lot of things i will be implementing, if i try a optimized Courui D01 build & i suspect i will learn just as much from the follow up, Courui D01 mod with the 86mm kaidomain reflector thread.

Just posted up my version of this mod - well worth the effort!

Hey guys,

At the bottom of the OP of this thread, yo will find a full list and continually updated of ALL the mods contributed by our fellow BLF members, including this new thread.

Hope this helps!

It does, i will be referencing that list, when try my hands on some of this Courui D01 fun you guys are having :slight_smile:

any links for this ?

This is the one I used.

Keep in mind it's not a plug & play solution; you need to remove a fair bit of material from the inside lip of this part.

thanks but i dont have tools to remove material :slight_smile: is any other option to be plug and play ?

Not that I know of.

LinusHofmann will tell us :),in his setup removed about 0.5mm from the reflector.

0.5mm doesn't sound much, until you realize that it is around the entire circumference, & if you don't get it even, the reflector won't sit in the center, therefore the LED will be off-center.

You also have to take some material off the inside of that hood at the step where the smaller thread is, otherwise the reflector will not sit down enough.

i thought i will be able to do it (0.5mm) with sandpaper.
i also need to find a centering ring .

another question ,how do you screw 77mm Fotga wide angle lens hood to the body of the flashlight ? the threats in both sides are male.
if i install the stock lens ring the KD reflector dont fit , or i’ll have to cut the stock lense ring.are they any camera parts that they will do the trick?

btw i bought the 82mm hood $2.64 from\_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT