Courui D01 mod - my way (picture heavy)

Found myself saying "Wow!" out loud at least 5 or 6 times as I read your post. Amazing work!!!

Thank you for your offer, maybe in near future. I have to get my hands on something new to work on before selling this one.

I Didn't weight it before but now it is 560g without batteries. It's heavy in hand.

This really took a lot of patience to finish. Like 2 months of patience .

Yes, it's a real shame. But it is now posted here on BLF where people will appreciate this kind of work. Good comments and a killer thrower is all I need.

Thanks Old-Lumens, I learned a lot from your posts and You tube videos. You are one of the reasons that I got myself into this great hobby.

It must be really satisfying when the solder traces polish out and just disappear 8)

Wow that looks awesome! I love heaps of copper!!

First dibs if you ever sell it! haha

Hmmm. Another one infected by OL. l guess we have something in common.

I one tried to solder 3 thin round pieces of copper together, but failed miserably.

Lots of air in between and places the solder didn't flow.. also I have no real vise. Just a cheapo from eBay. (Max do a is about 4- 5cm)

Are yours totally connected with solder? And how did you do it?

NO!!! I asked him first if he was selling it!!! So I get first "dibs"!!!

This helps a lot when you try to solder bigger pieces

But first you have to apply solder on both sides completely covering the surfaces. When applied and cooled, use blowtorch (or a powerful soldering iron - min 60W) to melt it again and press it so that excess solder is pushed out. I prefer using small blowtorch like one I linked above because it is much easier to heat up objects. For a few dollars you get a very good tool to do this kind of work.

You did an absolutely amazing job.

First DIB’s on your next piece of artistic work! J) If you ever decide to sell it! Excellent job! :wink:

This is just great, i love how you took the low resistance mods to the next level here :slight_smile:

Thanks for some great ideas for future Courui D01 mods :wink:

Outstanding- what a great mod and great result.

Thanks again guys for your comments. Unfortunately for me, my knowledge is very limited when it comes to electronics so no creativity there. All I can do is read this great forum, copy/paste solutions and hope for the best. Although you pick up some useful information trough the building process it is still a mystery to me. I always get sweaty palms when it comes to final assembly (soldering electronics) because when there is some kind of a problem I know I am in dire straits. Another thing is choice of components (led, driver) where I can only rely on BLF member experiences and again hope for the best.

I absolutely love throwers and this one is really outstanding. It throws like hell. When I get a chance, I'll do a better beamshots with a longer distance when I find appropriate place to do this.

So, for my next project, any suggestions for host, driver, led?

You should really try to do the kaidomain 86mm reflector Courui D01 mod
LinusHofmann came up with it & it is just one of the most epic “cheap” massive thrower mods you can do.

I don’t know anything that beats it that we can build from scratch & it is a a proven design by FmC :slight_smile:

And the best part is you can reuse most of your really well modded Courui D01, and make it MUCH throwier :wink:
If you upgrade the led to a XM-L2 U4 1C you get about a 7% improvement over the U3 you have now, or if you use the XP-G2 S4 you can get a bit higher still but with less lumens & spot size.
The XP-G2 S4 + 86mm reflector could almost double the possible kcd from what you have now.

If you get an extra mcpcb, you can drop in the XP-G2 for example, to see what you prefer.

And the UF-1405 or UF-1504 is a very fun & quick mod for a solid 400kcd in a aspheric lens light :wink: UF-1504 is easier because you can use normal FET drivers. The UF-1405 need 17mm high amp buck drivers & those are not available yet, but RMM will probably sell some in the future :wink:

Now what everyone else is missing is that means you might be willing to part with your T08… Dibs, suckers!

Dig IT!! Good one!