Courui D01 mod - my way (picture heavy)

After many Courui modification posts here on BLF, thought I could also give it a try. Why not, how hard can it actually be :)?
Hope You can enjoy my build as much as I did. It was a great journey and quite a challenge.

Project cost (shipping included):

  1. Courui D01 (Gearbest) - $28,00
  2. Omten switch (Fasttech) - $0,60
  3. Fet driver 22mm (Mountain el.) - $17,00
  4. XML-2 U3 1A (International outdoor store) - $5,00
  5. Maxtoch PCMCB 31,5mm (Banggood) - $4,00
  6. 18650 Samsung 25R (Fasttech) - $15,00
  7. Copper tube 35mm (Ebay) - $7,00
  8. Copper sheet 1mm (Local hardware store) - $4,00
  9. Screws 2mm (Ebay) - $2,00
  10. Other supplies (Local hardware store) - $5,00

So let as begin:

1. Improving a switch.
All springs removed, preparing a copper base.

2. Cut, sanded, polished and soldered.

3. Battery compartment inside look

4. Switch side parts all together

5. Springs soldered to contact plate, 18AWG wires going trough directly to the switch. Small copper plates are soldered on the top for better contact with the batteries.
! !

6. All sanded and polished
! !

7. Inside look

8. Three wires from springs and one more from copper plate are soldered to one side of omten switch. One continuous 18 AWG wire is soldered from switch to three body contacts.

9. Naked original driver. Preparing it for better ground contact with the body of the flashlight.

10. Drivers battery side. Making a copper circle and the ring for better ground and battery “+” contact.

11. Sanded, polished and soldered.

12. Drilled a hole. Plan is to solder drivers “+” wire directly to copper circle below.
! !

13. Finished and in place.

14. A look inside the body.

15. Sanding threads to gain more space for the pill.

16. Three 1mm copper circles ready for soldering

17. Soldered together

18. It looks like a big heavy coin. It took 2 hours to file, sand and polish this.

19. Ready to go inside?

20. YES

21. Inside look

22. Copper cylinders, cut and trimmed to fit inside the body

23. It is a tight fit

24. Soldered together, it’s a mess!

25. One ring to rule them all :bigsmile:

26. Another angle

27. Marking “the coin” for drilling

28. Threading holes and tightening the pill to the body

29. Coin and ring are ready to be wed. There is a coil of solder wire between them ready to be melted.

30. Married!!!

31. Another mess to be cleaned

32. You have to admit that this looks very nice.

33. Other side

34. Screwed tightly to the body

35. Inside look

36. Boring part about soldering driver to contact plate and electronic switch is skipped. The pill is alive!

37. Gasoline dedome - check, thermal paste - check. Reflector is going to sit on the PCMCB.

38. Reflector is sanded to gain clearance from the wires.

39. Sanding the body of the flashlight to lower the reflector down with 400 grid paper. It should sit on the PCMCB.

40. Sanded body and a perfect tight fit.

41. Job Done!

42. Courui D01 and my beloved ZY-T08 (ZY-T08 Mod - picture heavy with beamshots) side by side.

I will try to make some beamshots later, it is daylight now in Croatia.
Current readings also later, batteries are in the charger (unfortunately I have only two Samsung 25R-s, others are in the mail).

Cheers :beer: .

Well done looks great

Real first-rate work there. Congrats on your new beautiful beast. :)

Wow! Gorgeous! Can't wait to see some beamshots and some current readings!


WOW. Thats a lot of thought, time and hard work put in. Very impressive.

A real artist, very well done sir you are a real craftsman.

I think I've said this several times, but polished copper is just breathtakingly beautiful. Great job!

Winner! Mod of the Century, no, Millennium!

Man! Bravo!

Let me be the first to shake your hand. Just incredible handy work there!

Any interest in selling this?

great work!

waiting for the beamshots…

first, WOW :open_mouth:
second, how much extra weight did you ad there? looks like it could be used as a blunt weapon now.

Thanks guys for your comments :beer: .

Did some current readings but unfortunately with only two Samsung 25R-s. So the final result should be slightly better when the third one kicks in.
Levels from 1-6:

  1. 0.01 A
  2. 0.07 A
  3. 0.15 A
  4. 0.67 A
  5. 1.90 A
  6. 5.01 A

I’ll upload beamshots very soon.

Speechless. What an amazing effort. Love the end product, admire your skills and wonder about the patience.

Beamshot 1 - Courui on the left at 5,01A, Small sun on the right at 4,85A. Pictures are taken with older Smartphone.

Beamshots - controle picture, distance around 400 meters.

Beamshots - On high, distance around 400 meters.

This great mod is now added to this thread’s consolidated mod threads at the bottom of the op: COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

It’s great to see another person’s take on a light that you are familiar with.

A lot of work went into this one, that’s for sure!

Well done, Cula :beer: :beer: :beer:

Wow, just wow! Great job!! I too love the look of polished copper! Shame to hide it in the light...

Does anyone know how well the Courui responds to a MT-G2? Primarily I am interested in maximum throw. I know that the mt-g2 is a very large led and can be difficult to get to throw well.

Everyone's already said it, but that is some great work. Lots of time, care and skill went into that one!

Fantastic work, Cula :smiley:

I am mightily impressed by your work. It’s super!
(…wish I had one, too :slight_smile: )

Artistry in Motion!