WTS: Three flashlights

Need money for my new projects so I’m selling my heavily modded flashlights. I made a couple of videos if you might be interested. One is presenting all three flashlights and second one is complete assembling of my Shadow JM30 with all the parts I made for it. It is a bit long, but should be very helpful if someone, by any chance, buys this beauty and decide to renew it like I did before selling.

1. Courui D01 (Courui D01 mod - my way (picture heavy)), asking $65 shipped with tracking to Europe and USA. For other countries or continents I’ll have to check shipping prices.
Condition is 8/10, there are few minor damages, took a couple of pictures. This is a very powerful 1Km thrower. Everything you need to know about this flashlight is in my very detailed mod thread.

2. Small Sun ZY-T08 (Small sun ZY-T08 mod II - The Next Generation), asking $80 shipped with tracking to Europe and USA. For other countries or continents I’ll have to check shipping prices.
Condition is 9.8/10. This one is a monster flooder and it is pushing regulated 9A trough XHP70. You won’t find many flashlights with side by side configuration and 2S. Holder is made for Samsung 30Q flat top and anything bigger than this battery won’t fit (it is a tight fit). Everything else is explained in my very detailed mod thread.

3. Shadow JM30 (Shadow JM30 (MT-G2) mod – copper edition (very picture heavy)), asking $90 shipped with tracking to Europe and USA. For other countries or continents I’ll have to check shipping prices.
Condition is 9.8/10. I could probably write a few pages of info about this beautiful flooder. Instead I made a video so if you have a half an hour of free time, please be my guest. Sorry about no sound in video, You tube wasn’t happy about my radio broadcasting in background.
Just a few remarks about this one:
I installed new Maxtoch MCPCB and lowered MT-G2 (also new) to improve focus. Reflector bottom is widened to accommodate new parts. I’m not sure about waterproof, I personally wouldn’t submerge it in water. Buyer should be careful when handling this one, copper is sensitive and exposed cooling rods are only soldered. Bond is hard but not as hard as when bolted or even better, welded. Also make sure that your 26650 batteries are going to fit inside (I used these: Test/Review of Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh (Green)). I don’t think that protected ones would fit.

Video 1 (presenting all three flashlights):

Video 2 (Shadow JM30 assembling):

I’ll gladly take the Courui D01 if shipped to Norway!

ooh that JM30 must be one of the most beautiful lights ever!
Can’t justify buying it, but sure want to :wink: To bad you really want money and not trade
Good luck with the sale of these nice NICE lights.

If Malenurse jumps off, I’d gladly take the Courui!

I’ll take SS ZY T08… I love those lights… have 4 of them, so 1 more custom wouldn’t hurt… pm sent :slight_smile:

I will take ” Shadow JM30 ”

Please send PP info .
Shipping So.Calif.


Oh, I didn’t expect to sell all flashlights so fast, thank you guys :slight_smile: . I went to sleep last night and this morning my PM inbox is loaded with new messages, I’ll have to check who was first and get back to you.
It looks like all the flashlights are sold for now.

I have saved few pieces of copper for you, hope you will continue such pretty mods.

Looks like Courui is going to Norway for MaleNurse :slight_smile: . I’ll contact you via PM to arrange all the detailes. Thank you.

For Small Sun and Shadow I’m forced to postpone my sale for a few days. So sorry about that. I’m having minor issues with the drivers installed and I’ll try to sort this with Neven from Led4power over this weekend.
I’m not going to answer to all PM’s that you sent to me because there are too many of them. I’ll give all the info that you need right here in this thread. Thank you for your understanding guys.
First in line for the Small Sun is DayLighter. Hope you can wait for a couple of days for me to sort these issues. If not, it is ok, I’ll understand completely.
First in line for the Shadow is Slayer1 but he lives in Singapore so I’ll have to check for shipping costs. I’ll do that today.

So sorry guys again, this is out of my hands for now. I’m not comfortable in selling these flashlights if they don’t perform at 100%. Hope you can understand.

No rush… I have plenty lights to play with for now :smiley:
Just pm me when you’re ready to sell.

Edit: just read it has XHP70 already :person_facepalming:

Thank you very much DayLighter for your understanding :slight_smile: . I’ll contact you when issues are all sorted.

Sorry but I don’t understand, XHP70 is inside already. Maybe you want a different one?

Awesome! Looking forward to it :) :)

Slayer1, shipping costs to Singapore are not a problem :slight_smile: . Asking price stays the same. Please confirm that you are OK with this delay.

Never mind… it’s good, I was reading the wrong one :smiley:
I thought mine was with HXP 50, just let me know when it’s ready, my paypal is ready :wink:

Great news on the shipping portion.
Please take as much time you need to sort out the issues with JM30.
I am in no hurry and fine with the delay so long as the flashlight is in working condition.


Those are gone quickly. Good stuff