COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

Edit: Nov. 1, 2014: The gray version of this light is officially now ready for order, at the same price.

Use same coupon code (gbcourui), to choose, just click on the ‘gray’ color box

Edit: Oct. 16, 2014—-there has been a mix-up regarding the strobe. It is hidden in both color versions. As quoted in this review:
A long press on the switch ~2secs activates a hidden strobe. (Teardown and Mod Thread of Courui XML2 Aka "Big Head 3x18650 Side-Switch Thrower") by LinusHofmann

Edit: Oct. 16, 2014—Message from Gearbest:

Hi guys,

Thanks for your support again!
The coupon code for the gray version does not work now, because the one we got yesterday is a sample for testing, not the batch supply, it will be available for ordering in a few days, I will update on this thread. I’m really sorry for this inconvenience *

Edit: Oct. 15, 2014
The Gray version is now available. Same product link:
*just click on the Black - Gray box your color of choice (seen below the regular price and just above the “Add to Cart”)

Take note that the Gray version has two modes only (High-Low) and has no strobe

Tired of group buy fatigue? Well, this is not a group buy!

Here is another invitation to a good deal, but this time no more of the group buy mania, just a ’group buy’ price but no more waiting for the usual minimum number of orders to be met….the deal goes live now!

Asking just one request though: To keep this thread lively, please post here if you have ordered, or discuss the modding potential, etc.

The coupon to be used for $29.99 is: gbcourui (free regular airmail included)

If tracking is desired (highly-recommended), click ‘tracking’ for $ 1.99 upon checking out

It would be very nice if anyone with access/membership in the other fora post this deal too.

The light is this:

Brand: Courui
Model: D01
Emitter Type: Cree XM-L2
Total Emitter: 1 x Cree XM-L2
Lumens: 1200Lm
Function: Exploring, Seeking Survival, Camping, Hiking, Walking, Night Riding
Battery Type: 18650
Battery Quantity: 3 x 18650 (not included)
Mode: 3 (High > Low > Strobe)

Power Source: Battery
Reflector: Aluminum Smooth Reflector
Lens: Toughened Ultra-clear Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating
Beam Distance: 200-300m
Body Material: Aluminium Alloy
Available Light Color: White
Available Color: Black Edit: Sept. 25 - Supplier has informed us they can supply the Gray color too. The SKU of the this version will be uploaded in GB’s website when ready.

Dimension and Weight
Product weight: 0.472 kg
Package weight: 0.57 kg
Product size (L x W x H ): 18 x 7.5 x 4.7 cm / 7.09 x 2.95 x 1.85 inches
Package size (L x W x H ): 24 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Shipping out starting Monday, Sept. 29th, (or maybe earlier)

(Special notice: Before this special deal was finalized, about 4 orders were made at the old price. To avail of the new, reduced price, please cancel your order by sending Dora a pm or email ( and order anew and use the “gbcourui” promotion code to get the $29.99 new price.)

Edit: 18sixfifty (and I’m confident that most, if not all, of our modders here) have indicated to me that he will be willing to offer suggestions and also do mods to a non-modder like me. He can be reached through a pm here in BLF.

Cereal_killer has also signified his modding services for this light.

Consolidated modding threads on this light:

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FmC’s Courui XP-G2 mod thread: Courui Big Head overhaul with XP-G2 (The “Big Head” nickname has been added to this thread’s title as aptly coined by FmC.)
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To summarise, this is a great budget thrower with mod potential right? I remember it being mentioned plenty of times for this reason.

+ 1 ( I’m no modder though, haha ) Its bezel is 13mm wider that the HD2010…hmmmm

An XP-L or XP-G2 dropped in there would bring a tear to my eye!

EDIT: Thanks, btw!

Yep, stock it leaves a lot to be desired but it has the potential to do some big numbers once modded :smiley:

Great price and thanks for organising this awesome coupon tatasal :wink:

EDIT: Fixed it for ya :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, but actually this not a GB or group buy, as no minimum orders are required anymore… Can be ordered now.

Thanks for posting this deal Tatasal

I love this light! It’s one of my favorites to mod. I can crank these up to stomp on a stock TN32. They are OK stock but modded they are fantastic. I’ll be picking up a few of them if I can get some other lights sold.

If anyone out here needs help modding one feel free to ask me how or you can always have it mailed to me for modding and we can work something out that way. This is a deal that really shouldn’t be passed up. In my opinion this is the best budget thrower around in this size of a light. It’s not pocket sized for sure but if what you want is a spotlight this is it.

I have been wanting to have this light for months now. I m hesitant though because of opinions like the one above. In terms of brightness and/or throw, can anyone comment on it’s performance vs other stock lights like

a. Small sun TY-08
b. HD2010
c. Convoy L4
d. XinTD X3

To mod this light can the existing driver be used or does it need a driver swap?

TY-08 is driven at a similar level, but has smaller reflector.
L4 & X3, same story, but smaller again.
HD2010 - If you scored the good driver & used good cells, it may be close between them.

Well you can just put in an XP-G2 on a noctigon and get really good throw out of it. It takes a bit to get it to focus correctly but it’s not too hard. Cereal Killer has a driver that will rock it out if you want to put your XM-L2 on a noctigon.

I tried to mod the driver on it but I didn’t have any luck doing that so I swapped mine out, I have done a few of them now and they are really nice.

This light is on my to-buy list. For under $30, I’d take it over T08 or HD2010 anytime due to its 3P battery and superior reflector.

How long will this deal last?

Whooho, I’ll be having mine shipped directly to you….soup it up buddy!

The HD2010 is not an easy mod. It will take quite a bit of effort.

Not sure about this baby.. but I hope it will be easier, as I am about to pull the trigger.

Dora’s gone for home, perhaps tomorrow we will know the answer. Thanks

Just ordered another - my excuse is that I don’t have a black one yet… :beer:

I am going to order one at this price, with the tracking number as suggested of course

The disease is getting worse. :wink: I thought I could hold out for the BLF Edition GB light. But, in a moment of weakness, I bought this light. You guys talked me into it! That’s my excuse when the wife asks! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, I’ve just made my first purchase from GB. I paid the $1.99 extra for tracking, as per the advice given in another thread. :bigsmile:

I thought Courui releases another new thrower by reading the title… this is actually the one some of us have bought previously, but not at the price as good as this of course. Thanks tatasal for bringing this deal up.

The simplest way to bump up the current of this light is by removing the R120 resistor and bridge across it. This way it gives you near direct drive on high mode. But I have an issue by bridging the resistor, when the light is turned off the LED still glow dimly. I used a crappy soldering iron to do this and I suspect the driver was damaged so do it with care and good soldering iron guys.

Since there is 26mm Maxtoch DTP board available it is advisable to use them so that the soldering joint won’t interfere with the big flat reflector bottom. I used 20mm Noctigon back then and it is a pain to make the solder joint really flat, and still not ideal.

Noctigon and Maxtoch boards are thinner than the stock aluminium board, so you should add additional copper sheet under the DTP board to increase its thickness, otherwise the reflector will be too loose inside and cannot be screwed down tight later. If you don’t want to reflow additiong copper sheet underneath, the alternative way is by unscrewing the pill by a few turns to raise the position of the LED, but this will leave questionable heat transitiveness to the flashlight body, not sure about this and it’s up to you. You may add copper sheet under the pill to solve this though.

Since it is electronic switch some people may want to find a way to make it able to lockout. It is doable with janko.hrasko’s method .

Since I wasn’t familiar with this light before I have spent a lot of time trying things and kind of mess the light up. I have lost interest in it already and I might want to let it go to somebody else.

Just wanted to let people know I’ve so done a few of these for customers and am more than happy to do others.

I have 2 on the way (unfortunately only one from GB, I ordered another @ full price about 2 weeks ago from AE).

What’s with the half drilled hole under the button? Needs drilled out for an indicator.