Courui D01 question...

I am considering setting this up as a 2S1P for use with a buck driver and a 6 volt LED. I thought I had seen something here, where someone had done something similar... If no, reasonable thing to do???


18sixfifty attempted it with the Courui I bought off him. Let’s just say it’s still running all 3 cells in parallel.
Not easy, and to be honest not worth it.

Really needs to be a light that uses a battery carrier. I think that would work much better.

This may help.

Only for a very limited number of people. I can’t see why it needs one. I like the drop-and-go 3P idea. Drop them in put pill / head back on. A carrier just adds one more step to the process. I also find them much less secure than the big chunks of aluminium holding the cells.

I am not sure that I really want to go that far with it... I am considering making an Eagle design for a contact board and saving the factory driver. This would also allow for a design that would make dropping the driver into place as a piggyback very easy. i have all winter to figure out what I am going to do with this one.

My unprofessional mod for Courui D01 - XHP70 N4 1C from KD with 3s 18650-HE4 battery cartridge, FX-30 driver (4.5~4.8A), side switch, with copper pill (machined by my colleague). It is about 3000+ lumens only. Original Battery holder was bored away.

Courui (XHP70~3000 lm) vs TK61 (Stock ~1000 lm) vs BOSS1 (XP-L HI V3 1C - ~1400 lm, DD)

I am going to go with the standard de-domed XM-L2 0D, that will be driven hard. It will be a good light when done, but nothing that will be a show stopper. I think I am going to force myself to learn Eagle and will make a contact board for the light and rat hole the original driver.

I have not decided what driver yet, I am thinking I may go with a FET + multiple 7135's. But it could end up being a fully regulated 4-4.5 amp 7135 driver, thinking 12 7135's. It will get all the standard mods, braided springs, tail board better wire or switch and 20 AWG wire to the LED.

My goal is to have a light that will allow coyote spotting to several hundred yards, paired with a good high power rifle. This is making me lean toward full regulation for solid output vs. blinding amount of light for the first 10-15 minutes.

Good light for the job. My one puts a very visable beam on the side of a rest-home up on a hill near by. That is 750m. Yes that’s correct. 750. I’m not saying I can get that in all situations, but 99℅ of the time 500 metres is piss easy. Out in the bush, with trees soaking up the light, 300 usable metres is about it. 1/4 mile is its nominal usability. It has over 1km of ANSI throw, but that doesn’t mean anything in the real world.