Courui DO1 'Big Head' ( $29.99 @ Gearbest) mini Review

My 1st review here so it probably wont be great but here goes anyway :slight_smile:

The Courui arrived yesterday from GearBest in a well padded envelope with plenty of bubble wrap and an _un-crushed _cardboard box! 1st thing I noticed is size and weight. This thing is a monster compared to an HD2010 and SRK. No signs of external defects and the reflector looked good.
The switch ring was not tightened enough (movable w/ finger). Put the 3 batteries in, and the 3d wouldn’t go! There was a chunk of metal sticking out preventing the battery from going in to place- (see pic)
No problem, cut it down with a knife (will file it smooth later). Very tight beam and long throw, a little too much for my personal preference, I like more flood than super narrow spot beams with almost no spill, but this one is good, and very bright. The Led is pretty well centered.
I also like the low/high only unless you keep the button pressed (in either mode) for one second and it switches to a wicked strobe which looks like it would be useful for disorientation. You don’t have to cycle thru lo-med-hi-sos-blah blah blah.

It does tail-stand but has a narrow ring so don’t rock the table too much :slight_smile:


L to R (for size comparison)
Courui, HD2010, Sky Ray King, Xin TD

Here was the problem with the metalwork that prevented the battery from going in:

Hope you enjoyed my review and thanks for looking !

Thanks steve-o, I have had my eyes on the Courui for a long time now, it must be a great thrower. Haven't bought one yet because I just don't like electronic switches. Big lights like this do not need a fancy UI, so a simple clicky would be enough for me.

But I may fall for it sometime..

Yeah djozz I don’t really like the parasitic drain of those switches either, but I do like the feel of ’em. I may do a current check to see what the drain is. It would be nice if just a couple of uA :slight_smile:

There was already a Courui clicky mod. Quit throwing excuses and buy it already. :stuck_out_tongue: