COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

Finally received my Gray Courui D01 - 47 days after making the order. It is indeed a very nice looking light and is a good thrower in stock (no mods, not even focus adjustments or thread lubes or spring braids). My tests at 11 meters read 671 lux (81,191 cd) or 570 meters throw.

Here’s my Gray D01 beside my modified SupBeam K40. The K40 is its closest rival in external specs.

Here are the business ends of my Gray D01 and my K40. The D01 has a wider reflector than the K40. When modified similarly, i.e. same dedomed XM-L2, driver amps and AR lens, the D01 should throw better.

And here are the 1.5 meter beam shots of my D01 and K40. The K40 has dedomed XM-L2 T61B and ‘shorted’ sens resistors giving at least 6.1 Amps to the LED.

From where are you going to source the AR lens?

i wanted to own one of these baby but i dont want it in stock. so anybody selling dedomed courui?
or any modder who is willing to dedome 1 and i will buy it from them?
shoot me a PM.


If you’re able to solder leads, you can buy an already dedomed XM-L2 on Noctigon from James3 and switch out.

I noticed mine's output looked quite "meh" until I shined it long distance outdoors. Then I was like "holy crap this thing throws!" Mine is still stock and I can't wait to see what it can do modded!

-Garry also sells de-domed emitters, but i’m not sure if he ships to the phillipines

I don’t have one for my Courui D01 yet and I’m not sure where I can get one :slight_smile:

Check first post

Yes it does but the shipping cost is quite high.

I ordered six Noctigon XP16s from Mountain Electronics last 11 March when I can’t find XP16 DT Copper stars elsewhere. The cost for the 6 XP16s was $8.45 and the shipping was $9.5. I needed the XP16s badly so I went on with the order. :~

Thanks! UCLP shipping outside US is very costly though. :frowning:

My D01 in stock form measured 671 lux at 11 meters. This computes to 81,191 cd or 570 meters throw.

Well while waiting for my XP-G2s and 32mm Noctigons, I decided to reflow the stock XM-L2 in 20mm Noctigon, direct-wire the sense resistor and add copper braids last night. That simple mod gave me 953 lux at 11 meters or 115,313 cd or 679 meters throw. It is about the same with my TangsFire HD-2010 with dedomed XM-L2 T6 1B.

Are you able to measure what current it’s pulling? (If so please also mention the cells you are using.)

You can probably increase current beyond what you have now with a better FET, but w/ 3x strong cells and everything braided… I wonder if the emitter will die?

EDIT: I forgot to say, nice!


good mod! :slight_smile: How many kcd gives you with that configuration? :open_mouth:


Very nice! And that's still domed? And yes, do tell us how many amps you're pulling off which cells!

I haven't got back to modding this light. Too much going on right now.


I get similar output (slightly more) as Nightbird at about 2.8A current. I’ve even bypasses the limiting resistor with copper lead. The tiny FETs used is surely limiting. I’ve used both Samsung 3000 and 2600 protected, they give similar result.

Thanks! Yes the LED is still domed.

My tailcap reading is 3.85 Amps and I’m using 4 of 18sixfifty’s Sanyo Laptop Pulls with an average capacity of 2333 mAh (using BT-C3100) and voltage reading of 4.10 volts. The computed LED current should be 4.414 Amps.


Actually I’m still confused whether I have focused my dedomed K-40 properly or not. I’m only getting 1401 lux at 11 meters which can be computed to 169,521 cd or 823 meters throw. I’m not quite sure if its at par with the other dedomed XM-L2s on K-40s driven at more than 6 Amps. :~

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement driver for this please?

The original driver seemed fine once the resistor was replaced with some copper tape, and the tail wire replaced with something beefier.
But unfortunately I smoked my driver when it shorted whilst trying to get the led deeper into the reflector.

I thought I had done the same.
I had a spare emitter and it worked fine.
Hope you have the same luck ledtorchforum

If the driver is visibly burnt I would just piggyback something better…