COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

Has anyone found an aftermarket lens that will fit the DO1 yet?

I need a new reflector and a lens, anybody haz a solution?

I’m very happy with one of these 73x2.25 if I remember correctly.

On my Courui, the reflector has pits and a pretty good size scratch also, plus some granular debri, that won’t blow out with canned air?? The centering ring is too small to the emitter hole, so it walked off center. I measured 8.8mm emitter hole to the 6.89mm centering ring?So I opened up the reflector hole to 10mm and used a butterfly type centering ring that snapped in tight, I had laying around. The o-ring is useless it keeps squirting out from under the cap. But also the reflector to the bezel cap is so sloppy, that it was off to one side, So I made a ring for it out of .050’’ solder and used it to center the reflector to the bezel cap. Now it has a really great focus, really clean spot. But it’s all Rube Goldburgh’d up! All in all it is a helluva thrower!

what is the size of the base of the reflector (tha part that touch the led pcb)?

The flat base is 26.5mm across.

thanks ,so its better to use 32mm led pcb

Yes, definitely makes clearing the solder blobs easier. You’ll have to fill in the cavity in the stock heatsink shelf or flip it over and sand/lap it flat though.

i think i will go with copper replacement of the heatsink,ofcourse with that heatsink you might eliminate the clearing problem whatever size pcb you use.

Certainly a good idea to go with one of Nikolas pills, don’t see how they would help in the clearance issues though.
The distance between the solder pads on the mcpcb compared with the diameter of the flat base on the reflector is what is causing the issues. The 32mm pcb has solder pads that are no longer underneath the flat base of the reflector so you can essentially solder the wires on as thick and fat as you want. :slight_smile:
For smaller pcbs you’ll have to resort to making very flat solder joins and keeping the wires relatively thin or resorting to thin copper tabs to make the connection. Bit more tricky if you haven’t done it before.

I used the 32mm Noctigon but the reflector still overlapped about 1/3 of the solder pads, similar to the photo in FmC’s build thread.

I still had to file the reflector and solder carefully to get the reflector all the way down on the PCB.

did you used the stock heatsink or the copper one ?

I made my own using a copper disk.

ic,thank you guys for the tips.

I took a bite at $27… not a bad light at all… I’m thinking getting a second one for gift :wink:

Here is some pic. using 20 mm Noctigon , in this case I am using 20AWG wire, and small centering ring…… Kapton tape in this mode is ,a must have over the solder points and on the bottom of reflector

And the final result look like this !!!

Show as some beamshits please?
Are there any artifacts into the beam?

I dont have good enough camera to take a nice beamshot but I will try to capture best that is possible.
There is no artifacts,only one thin ring around well defined hotspot….

I’m pretty sure that ring around the hostpot is an artifact created by light bouncing off the inside of the front glass lens and then being reprojected by the reflector.
I suspect getting a good AR lens will almost completely eliminate it, that was certainly the case on my first courui build.

I think that ring is not light bouncing off the inside of the front glass lens, rather the light reflects from the opening of the reflector because the LED is in the line with him in this case, and considering that dedomed emitter is making 360 angle, it is most likely a reflection of the that opening. That is just my opinion…