Courui "Even Bigger Head" D01 Projector: 113mm Lens , Luminus SBT-70 @ 13.5Amps *Build Stage*

The 5700K variant would be the one.

Thanks Dale first thing i will try mine on is the 4" double aspheric lens i have :)

All this talk of this gorgeous emitter and I had to look it up at Mouser. They happen to have em in stock in the 5700K version for less than I’ve seen em ever, end of life they say! So I ordered one. The wife will kill me over this stuff some day…

Dale can u send me the link ?

Now, they’re still not what anyone would call cheap. Just cheaper than they were! :wink:

Luminus SBT70 5700K 90CRI

Thanks I though they had a 2000LM bin anyone try those ?

Forward voltage at 9A with the King Kong is 3.33Vf. Crazy huh?

Oi! don’t you all go buying up these beauties before I get a chance to grab one! :wink:

I don’t think you’ll get anywhere near a 2000lm Bin out of it unless you go for the CW variant. The NW 5700k seems to be around 1200 at best from what I’ve seen.
Like Dale said these things ain’t that efficient!

The super cool 7000k tint bin numbers give a spewed idea of what these emitters really produce, any XMLs I get that are so blue (low 1A/0D equivalent) usually wander straight into my bin :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, this aint an XML2 that’s for sure! :open_mouth:

This is good, it means it’ll run on an 18350 without any problem. :wink: That’s my alternate plan. My main goal is to try something that hasn’t been done before. Having trouble obtaining a part, MOQ is 20 pieces at some $660! The alternate plan is looking more and more like the main plan. lol

Well I got a big :bigsmile: on my face today, the SBT-70s arrived!

Just amazing looking emitters.

And a surprisingly small die area. Looks to be somewhere between the apparent die size of a domed and dedomed XML. Closer to a domed Xp-g2 than I thought, and of course the mt-g2 looks like a hulking beast in comparison :stuck_out_tongue:

And finally, something that looks like it comes straight out of Tron!

This is really interesting actually. The blue leaks out at the edges to give this interesting looking effect. Wonder if this will be visible in the projected image? Maybe I need to stick a blackout window to the emitter “window” to keep the image perfectly clean and round. Could get interesting. :slight_smile:

That pic looks sweet, cant wait to see some beam shots

I surely do love how this one looks! Mine is still in it’s little fancy foam padded box. :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to see the color of light it produces. Daylight white at 5700K and 90CRI, been dreaming of this one for a long time now. The one I have in my TangsFire 2010 is blue-white, obviously a cooler tint. But that defined circular hot spot is too nice, even in the 2010.

Sure wish I could afford 3 of these to do a triple with. :bigsmile:

You do know, of course, that the dome on those Cree emitters magnifies the die. This one has no such magnification, you’re looking right at the die itself. Peel the dome off that lurking giant (MT-G2) and you’ll find it’s not really much larger and made up of like 84 tiny dies in an array. Still no comparison. And the de-domed XM-L2 is tiny next to this beaut. :wink:

I need to get a macro shot like that one of yours Linus, I’ll make a desktop background of it. Care to send me a link to the high res version of yours? :wink:

Pure decadence! :money_mouth_face:


And yes of course the domes make a massive difference to the apparent size of the die. But that’s what I was trying to say, I expected the bare die of the sbt-70 to be larger than the apparent die size of a domed XML. Surprised that it was smaller. Just in terms of comparison and predicting how it may throw. If that makes any more sense at all…hehe. Opening them up I was just “hey these dies are quite small, nice!”.
It’s probably the massive pcb they come on that makes them look smaller than they are! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure I can send you the photo, but it’s not a particularly amazing shot. Was rushing and the closeups are under terrible led lighting so the golds don’t “pop” as they should.
I’m sure I won’t be able to resist doing a better photo session with those emitters soon. :slight_smile:


Here’s a slightly tweaked version showing the bond wires up close. It really is a work of art this thing.

Was curious to compare with an actual dedomed xml, and it’s not a whole lot bigger tbh.
It’s basically an xm-l die with extra rounded edges added to each side.

The red square is the XML die overlaid, works out to about 60% greater emitter surface area on the sbt-70

That’s the only dedomed emitter I had laying around, not one of my more successful attempts that one :wink:

But those fantastic bond wires are laid in like a suspension bridge or something! :slight_smile: This one caught my eye a long time ago, so glad to finally be doing something with it. Really favor my TangsFire TS2010 due to this and Ryan’s copper pill. Special light, for sure.

Now to get Nikola’s copper pill for the Courui….

You made me knock off some rust… my shoulder has been giving me fits for 5 months, and I had a concussion that took 3 months to get over before that. So I haven’t been giving my camera’s the attention they deserve.

This is a stacked 18 shot image from the 21MP Canon 5DMkII using a Really Right Stuff macro focus rail. Been a while….

U guys are killing me must resist but i can't i just bought my first SBT-70 :)

Yep very nice and crisp, that’s the way to do it alright :slight_smile:

Also a little curious about that “solder paste” looking substance right underneath the die. Could it be thermal epoxy? Seems a bit run of the mill.

We’re both very sorry… I’m sure :stuck_out_tongue: