COVID-19 and a written advance care plan

A DNR, do not resuscitate is a written document that lays out your end of life heathcare wishes. Many of these do NOT include a do not intubate as a standard matter of course. This probably mostly applies to the more eldery people, especially as the over 65 crowd is more susceptible to death when COVID-19 has been contracted.

I’m 73. I have had a good life and still have a good quality of life. One of my fears has been that of a long drawn out illness with inevitable death at the end. So I have had a DNR on file for some time. That had had a do not intubate added to kick in if I cotract COVID-19 and come to where a ventilator would be needed to prevent immediate death. There are very real risks to being intubated.

If I was 33, or 43 I would feel differently I am sure. But 33 was more than half a lifetime ago.

I just turned 60, and there are two things that detract from my thrill of life.

Consider how evil the average person is, and half of the people are eviler than that.

2. Consider how hostile the surface of the earth is, and half of it is hostiler than that.

I have had my fill of dealing with these two detractants.

Flashlights areone of the very very few things that are providing me thrill in this life.

I’m 3 years behind you and “enjoying “. MS and all that comes with it. I agree with your sentiments.

I hope you stay safe and stick around. I enjoy having you around. :beer:

I hope to too. Thank you

Gettin' there... just turned 65. (!) I don't fear death-my beliefs are yogic and Scriptural. The idea of becoming a spiritual entity-pure energy-is most attractive. My body is a suit. It'll get exchanged for a new one, just in a different dimension.

However... with a hx of depression sometimes I want that on my own sked! So I make sure to take care of myself so things don't get weird.

It's not the leaving, it's the *how* that scares the s**t out of me. Saw my dad go from Alzheimers. Always have an exit plan. No CPR. No nursing home.

Older people with a lot of overweight seem to be at the highest risk. If you have symptoms keep a eye on your heart rate and breathing rate. Some people think they are still fine but their body just upped the rate of breathing, which works for a couple of days.

I hope everybody keeps safe out there.

A practical consideration for those serious about a DNR, those seniors living at home with chronic illness and most vulnerable to Covid-19: Be sure your DNR is available to an ambulance crew, The DNR form, signed by your MD, needs to be prominently displayed if not presented to the EMTs/paramedics by another person in the home.

Does a DNR really need to be signed by a MD? As far as I know it just needs state your decisions and be signed by yourself.

Depends on the state or country

My father in law had to have his children and a doctor to sign it and a lawyer I think I remember

It’s a sad day when your father in law makes one of them papers !

Hope you stay healthily and safe

there are or will be options to ‘intubation’

people are working on the ‘exovent’

AKA a modern iron lung

no sedation, no intubation, it;s a big machine you get in and your legs and head stick out

pressure inside the chamber goes up and down, making your lungs inflate and deflate

they are even cheap