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there not talking about this forum are they



Colour me severely unimpressed. But the appearance of a couple of sites to make up for the asinine policies in force at CPF probably has a great deal to do with the creation of that sub-forum. But why is it the only bit of CPF that requires login even to read? Just what is that all about? One does wonder how long it'll take to "lose" the whole sub-forum.

I had PM'd the moderator "Unforgiven" to let him know about our existence here, and he replied that they decided to open up a forum on CPF. So, here it is. I'd like to know if they'll allow links to products or allow recommendations of products. I don't think we need to be afraid of posters who have some sort of vested interest in a budget brand or dealer, it will become obvious after a short time and forum users will take their comments with a grain of salt.

thank god for that i though our sanctuary had ended

I do think we have the advantage here of having several very knowledgeable flashlight experts, and even more importantly ALL of you so far are polite and respectful, which is a million times more important than being an expert. A big thanks to our users here. And I personally prefer our forum organization, but then again I'm biased as you can probably imagine.

For those who prefer not to have to log in, here's what the link posted above says.

"Quote: Originally Posted by hyperloop

Let me nominate my 2 favourite budget 2xAA lights, the Romisen RC N3 II neutral white and the Romisen RC N3 II Q5 they are basically the same light, just that the tint of the LED is different, you can see my not-too-well-done comparison HERE.

Both these lights can run in 2xAA or 1xCR123/RCR123, you 1/2 press for momentary on in high mode, 1/2 press again to switch to low mode (more a medium actually) and fully press in at the mode you want to activate constant on in the mode of your choice. Bryan's (from shiningbeam) service is excellent, email queries are answered promptly and shipping is very fast too, my orders were shipped (pending holidays and weekends) within 24 hours of making paypal payment. I would advise paying some postage costs (it was $5.95 to Singapore IIRC) and getting your order faster. There are some budget sites that offer free shipping but (IMHO) their quality control is a bit of a hit and miss. EDIT: don't forget to use "CPFuser" discount code when checking out. (End Quote)

This is a PERFECT example of what will NOT be allowed in this forum. This forum is not for advertising and/or sales. It is for discussion. If you want to advertise a product, go to the MarketPlace and find the appropriate place there. There is also a place over there to post discount codes and good deals. This forum is a DISCUSSION forum ONLY."

This from Sasha/Greta/whatever she's calling herself this week herself. Same old, same old. Not even slightly impressed.

Bye CPF, it used to be nice knowing you.

Ex- as in "has-been"

Spert - as in "drip under pressure"

Certainly applies in my case. I've just played a bit and read a bit and played some more.

And had a great time doing it.

And am very glad to share the little i know - including where to look for stuff at a decent price.

And am gladder still to be able to do so in a place without silly rules - the rules here are perfect IMO. With a bit of common-sense we shouldn't need the nonsense going on in the other place.

Thanks, Don! I agree that the rules and heavy-handed modding over at CPF are a bit silly at times, I personally have better things to do than micro-manage everybody's posts. In fact I personally am learning a lot on my own site as a user, not as an admin. The main thing that we need to moderate is spam, and I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that.

By the way, there's another registered user here called "Administrator", that's me too! ;-) I created that account myself 1) so some buffoon doesn't try to impersonate as an admin, and 2) to test the site with a user account that has "normal" privileges to make sure it works right. I'll try not to turn into Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde with all this admin power...

I also agree with the statement by Don....i still go to that other site sometimes to check stuff out. But if you look at my sig on that site i have the addy for here.......and on my facebook and myspace. I just dont seem interested in being over there anymore since all they want to talk about is high class lights. I have read and learned a lot over there though in which i can share that with the people here.

I saw the new sub-forum this morning when I was looking for the "budget light thread" or as I affectionately use to refer to, "the CPF trash bin".

Anyway, this place is still here, without a ton of pre-conditions, tension or attitudes. I will visit both, post on both, and retain my "Budget Light Forum " signature, to help expand this "Budget Oasis", where the frugal aren't intimidated.

Lets face it, CPF is huge and has a wealth of information, but it has a high stress level. This is a hobby, a place we come to enjoy and relax away from the daily grind. If I want to be subjected to elementary school rules by hall monitors, then I'll go back a few decades and get back in school.

PS Many times I read where the Mods told members, "if you don't like it here , go elsewhere". Okay, elsewhere is here.

That's such a classic CPF response. Authoritarian, but completely unhelpful about what it is the person did wrong. Was it the link? Was it saying they like the light? Was it praising the dealer? Somewhere else they said that they would be enforcing all CPF rules, written and unwritten. I don't mind following their rules, I just wish I knew what they were. Sometimes links are okay, sometimes they aren't. Sometimes you can praise a dealer (4Sevens, Malkoff) and sometimes you can't.

I do think part of it is they don't want links because that helps the link target's score on Google and somehow legitimizes that site. That's something that any site would want because CPF has pretty decent rank on flashlight searches with Google. It does seem like you can mention sku numbers (that's about the only way you can differentiate something like, say, gray 18650's).

Yep, I also occasionally post in CPF, and it's helped me several times. They didn't used to be so draconian, in fact several years back I created and participated in a long thread about those 8-LED Xnovas. Oh well.

Well it does seem to me that the mods and admins have a lot of work ahead of them.....tracking lights that they consider budget lights. Im sure glad that this forum was started. I hope to see new members here soon.

I hope to see new members too. One issue is that Google and Yahoo and Bing are not "indexing" us here, in other words they are not including our site's content in their search results. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the free .cz.cc domain I'm using. For the same reason, the Google Custom Search widget in the top left doesn't return any results. I would really like our high-quality reviews here to start turning up when people Google for budget light reviews.

I would not worry about that too much.....look how i got here, all it took was clicking on your sigline on cpf.

I thought their spiders followed links in stuff they'd already indexed - it has got your posts about the editor bug in Drupal on the Drupal forum which include links here.

Yep, the link on the Drupal site was immediately indexed, but that's because drupal.org is extremely high-traffic and priority-indexed by Google. But apparently Google does not follow links recursively, at least not initially. Makes we wonder what other excellent content is out there on the net that the search engines aren't reporting.

I think the CPF "Budget Forum" is going to be very closely monitored, and if the "Administrators" have the slightest grounds that any rule (written or otherwise) is breached, the forum will be shut down.

It's obvious from DM51's comments that any reference to Chinese suppliers is not welcome, indeed, it is frowned upon. Possibly censored, without CPF members even being aware of it.

Sorry CPF, Chinese lights are here to stay, as you may have realised. You promote quite a few Chinese made lights, after all.

But only the ones supplied by dealers willing to put money in your pockets, it seems.

Well i hope to see more budget minded users from that site come over here.....they will be so much happier.

True, search rankings aren't everything. Also Jay over at http://jayki.com has also been very helpful and friendly by linking to BLF, nice to see some good-natured, non-competitive people still exist in the world.