CPF down ?

Anybody has a databse error when trying to access CPF ?

Yes, one minute ago.

It has been down for some hours.

It’s working for me.

Yep, just tried it?

Still down- not the first time though, I’m sure it will return eventually.

It´s up again !

What’s CPF? :slight_smile:

They have a lot of problems over at cpf. I’m not sure if it’s their software, servers, or just bad admins. They should probably find some new way to manage their stuff. blf seems a lot more stable by comparison.

We are the best! :bigsmile:

BLF rules! :crown:

They censored themselves.

And this site seems to have few issues with fighting whereas CPF are banning people left, right and centre. There must be something in the water over there.

Lol here in my country when we mention cpf they think it’s the Central Provident Fund. CPF

My computer has been getting strange messages to call a number and locking up when I visit cpf. Been going on for a week . So I stay away.

They are up again.

You have to be a bit careful what you write on CPF, but as long as you can live with that they are a good place.

Yeah, I used to be a regular contributor over there, but the excessive moderation finally got to me. Useful stuff I would post (and others of course) would just get thrown away by mods because the thread was getting off topic or some garbage they would make up. I think the mods create more animosity among the members than they solve, with the mod’s snarky attitudes. Greta is the worst, since Norm went away.

That said, it is a good source of information, especially the battery section, and selfbuilt’s reviews.

You can’t even lurk there without being scolded by the software.

For me CPF is selfbuilt’s reviews, plus some other good reviews.

Since I’ve seen HKJ post his knowledge here, I’ve only gone back to CPF to read the occasional Selfbuilt review, or to lurk in the “What did you use your flashlight for today?” thread. Been having a good laugh at a few of those stories.